Organizers Of Maiden Pregnancy & Baby Fair Appeal For Sponsorship

Organizers of the 1st Pregnancy & Baby Fair, HOMEBASE TV, the Accra Regional Hospital, and Afrique Media Galaxy are appealing to industry players in the Healthcare sector for sponsorship in order to achieve the objective of addressing basic pregnancy and childbirth challenges.

The appeal was made on behalf of the group by Dr. Emmanuel K. Srofenyoh, the Medical Director of the Accra Regional Hospital during the official press launch of the fair on Friday morning at the Accra Regional Hospital.

The Fair, which is on the theme, “SAFE DELIVERY, A RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE”, is expected to attract about 70 exhibitors and about 6,000 visitors to participate in the fair.

“The Fair is set to take place at the Antenatal Clinic of the Accra Regional Hospital formally known as Ridge Hospital from Friday Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th December 2019. We are appealing to companies and players in the healthcare sector to come and support this event which we seek to make an annual affair. We believe this is the time pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers among others can give back to the same society that helped in building and growing their brand,” Dr. Srofenyoh stated.

He said for the life of every couple, they look up to the time that they will have a healthy baby that will complete their job as married people.
However, he observed in our part of the world, sometimes things don’t go the way the couple expects it or everybody expects it to be.
“Sometimes things still go wrong. The mother may lose her life or the baby will not survive. Most times when you do analysis, you realize that the family or the mother, the pregnant woman may have taken some decisions that probably did not go down well and that may have accounted for those adverse outcomes.
…It is for this reason that we also think this is a very good opportunity to educate families on what to do when you are trying to get pregnant or when you are pregnant. In trying to get pregnant what you should do, how are you going to take care of yourself? That is why we are organizing this fair,” Dr. Emmanuel Srofenyoh stated.

The Pregnancy & Baby Fair is expected to bring various stakeholders in the health service together to address basic pregnancy and childbirth matters.

This is the very first of its kind and is expected to present an informative and exciting event for expectant parents, single men and women, new families, and parents of children up to six years of age, among other participants.

Speaking at the official launch of the event held this Friday morning, at the Accra Regional Hospital, a speech read on behalf of the Marketing Manager of Homebase TV, Mr. Eric Essuman, by Mr. Nana Bartels, Programmes Manager for Homebase TV, he said the fair has come at the right time to address critical matters relating to childbirth, childcare and antenatal issues.

He further underscored the importance of womanhood to the world.

Mr. Nana Bartels further made it clear that there needs to be an improvement in the way pregnancies and maternal issues are handled.

In the process of performing this all-important role of bringing forth life, women face many fatal challenges. To help women navigate through these fatal challenges Homebase TV, Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge) and Afrique Media Galaxy have come together to organise PREGNANCY AND BABY FAIR which will come off from the 4th to 6th December 2019.

“All of us here came out of a woman and are comforted by a woman. We at Homebase TV recognizes these facts and appreciate women for who they are and the role they play in our society. Women fulfill God’s purpose of “be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, (Genesis 1:28). Women are priceless; Women play critical parts in God’s plan; without Women, this world will be hell to live in,” he emphasised.

Speakers at the event will include Dr. Emmanuel Srofenyoh – Medical Director Greater Accra Reginal (Ridge) Hospital, Dr. Chris Fofie – Consultant Obstetrician, Dr. Yvonne Brew- Senior Specialist Pediatrician, amongst a host of others.

Activities lined up for the whole show include blood donation, a fashion show for pregnant women, baby Crawling Contest, The Excellent Baby Contest and a Raffle Draw at the End of the Fair.