OSP Gives Up On Parliament Bribe Investigations

Kissi Agyebeng


The Special Prosecutor (SP), Kissi Agyebeng, has ordered the investigation into claims that a well-known and wealthy businessman attempted to bribe a section of Parliament’s majority caucus to be closed.

According to him, he has determined that instituting criminal proceedings against the office’s identified suspect at this time would be ineffective, as the key witness has been uncooperative.

In a report dated December 28, 2023, Mr. Agyebeng said responses by the Asante-Akim North MP, Andy Appiah-Kubi, who made the bribe allegation, and the unnamed businessman “appear to be rehearsed and well-choreographed to produce a joint and similar denial of the events.”

He stated that Mr. Appiah-Kubi was openly hostile to the OSP’s authorised officers, and was steadfast in his resolve not to cooperate with the investigation. Indeed, he flatly refused to cooperate with the OSP, though he had stated that Mr. Appiah-Kubi is a “vital key to resolving the case”, and that his cooperation and testimony are essential to a successful prosecution.

The SP said the intelligence gathered by his office, and its investigation of the activities of its identified suspect is not sufficient to sustain criminal charges. “The institution of criminal proceedings would of necessity require the input and testimony of the accuser,” the report pointed out.

It explained, “This is because, the meeting occurred between the accuser and his undisclosed colleagues and the suspect, and whatever transpired therein is known only to the accuser and his undisclosed colleagues and the suspect.

“The events must be recounted by the attendees of the meeting if criminal charges are to be sustained. This is even more so as, naturally, it appears there is no record of the meeting,” the OSP report noted.

Mr. Agyebeng said they were mindful that the OSP can compel the accuser to testify as a witness, by way of a subpoena, should criminal proceedings be instituted against the identified suspect.

However, he indicated that there would not be much to confront the accuser with, in aid of compelling or leading him to confirm the actual identity of the wealthy businessman and the amount of money offered by the latter, except his bare interview on a radio interview.

According to the OSP investigation, the Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, denied direct knowledge of the matter as well as knowledge of the undisclosed wealthy businessman, and the amount of money he reportedly promised to the designated MPs.

“He stated that his limited knowledge of the matter was based largely on rumours and the interview granted by Mr. Appiah-Kubi on Joy FM,” the report said.

By Ernest Kofi Adu