Overlook Sexual Advances While Working With Female Acts – Mr. Logic

Mr. Logic

Artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Mr. Logic, has disagreed with male artiste managers who make sexual advances at female artistes they work with.

According to him, sexual relationships between managers and their female acts do not augur well for work.

A manager, he said, should only think about walking a sexual path with his female act when they are not working.

Mr. Logic, who was speaking on Hitz FM, on Thursday, made the assertion in reaction to a question to songstress Abiana about whether she gets advances from males she works with.

“If anyone in her team wants her and she is not dating, I don’t see why she should turn the person down with the excuse that you know we are working. That one I don’t think it is a good reason to turn down someone. If the person genuinely likes you and want to be with you, I don’t see why you should turn the person down because you are working with the person. But when you are in a contract with a female musician, overlook sexual advances. When you walk out of the contract or when the contract is over, you can now do advances,” Logic indicated.

His argument however, contradicts earlier pronouncements by his fellow artiste manager, Bulldog, who said in 2017 that for managers to succeed in the music industry, they must establish sexual relationships with their female artistes.

He also said on Hitz FM that being in an amorous relationship with the artiste creates a certain bond, making work easier.

“Primarily, if you want to manage a female artiste successfully, you have to be in a relationship; an emotional relationship and a sexual relationship with the artiste.   You won’t succeed if you don’t do that,” Bulldog declared.

“I won’t encourage a married man to be managing a female artiste because he might ruin his marriage,” Bulldog added.

But Mr. Logic believes it is not good to be in a sexual relationship with a female artiste as a manager.

By Francis Addo