P-Square Throws O2 Arena Shut Down Challenge

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye of P Square says he and his twin brother, Paul, would shut down O2 Arena in London.
According to him, P-Square would “close down” the O2 arena, whether they sing new songs or not.
In a tweet last week he wrote, “We don’t need to shut down O2. We are only going to close it down; with or without new songs! Legend is Legend.”
Mr P also on his Instagram story wrote, “London and the world. Are you ready for the King of Stage? Psquare world tour loading.
“Don’t joke with the Kings of Stage. We don’t do concerts, we do crusades. With or without new songs!”
This was after the singer asked his fans to decide which stadium they should use for the upcoming London concert.
“Team P-SQUARE, should we use O2 or Wembley this sh*t? Comment below. O2 is calling The Kings of Stage,” Mr P tweeted.
His boast of shutting down the O2 arena came days after Davido reportedly sold out the O2 Arena for his concert.
Psquare reunited in 2021 after a five-year feud, as they clocked 40.