Patience Nyarko Accuses Celebrities Over “Senseless” Protests

Patience Nyarko

Renowned Gospel singer, Patience Nyarko has reportedly voiced her reservations about celebrities engaging in what she considers “senseless” protests that primarily benefit politicians.

In an interview with Property FM, she shed light on the growing issue in the entertainment industry.

Nyarko stated, “It’s senseless to partake in protests that profit politicians the most,” expressing her belief that some celebrities are compensated to participate in demonstrations, often at the expense of their own safety and reputation.

She went on to recount unfortunate incidents during protests in Ghana, where individuals suffered injuries, including one case where a person lost the eyesight.

Nyarko pointed out that some protesters are motivated by personal gain, while others may have ulterior motives.

“Some people front these protests, and if you attend unknowingly, you might end up with severe consequences. Some celebrities join protests due to their personal interests, and others are enticed by monetary rewards,” Nyarko explained.

These statements by the Gospel Singer come in response to the recent Julorbi Protest, which witnessed the active participation of numerous celebrities.

The issue raises important questions about the roles and responsibilities of celebrities in protests, especially when they are financially incentivized to join such movements.

Nyarko’s comments highlight the need for a more critical examination of these activities in the public eye.