People Are Complaining Of Bad Roads Everywhere

Whenever I watch television and see the state of our dilapidated roads, I ask myself: What is the need of infrastructure debates?

In fact, I ask myself why Mr. mahama is yearning for an infrastructure debate when he goes about making empty and annoying campaign promises.

There is this story of the squirrel who went into the forest to cultivate, yam, plantain, cocoyam, among other crops. Because the squirrel did not know how to construct a road to its farm, it decided to climb trees and ropes to his farm. And it is perfect at that. When ananse realised that the squirrel had no road leading to its farm, ananse cleverly constructed a fine road and started going to the farm to steal yam, cocoyam, etc.

One day, the quarrel caught ananse red-handed stealing from its farm and it went back home to report to the chief of the village.

The chief summoned a meeting of his elders and the case was called for hearing.

When ananse was asked as to why he went to steal crops from the farm of the squirrel, ananse responded that the farm belonged to him. A three-member committee was set up to go with ananse and the squirrel to inspect the farm. Instead of the squirrel leading the committee members to the farm on a road, it rather climbed a tree and asked them to follow it. Because the committee members did not know how to climb trees and ropes, they chose to follow Ananse who showed them the road he constructed leading to the farm.

They followed ananse to the farm and went back to the chief and his elders and reported that the farm belonged to ananse. Nananom ruled the case in favour of Ananse. This story goes to Mr. John Dramani Mahama.

Was it not the same desperate Bole boy who told the world that any president who boasts of building infrastructure is engaging in an exercise of mediocrity? And this is a man who will not hesitate to tell his listeners that during his tenure of office, he built schools, CHPS compounds and others so Ghanaians should vote for him for the infrastructure that he provided. Since when did the building of infrastructure such as roads ceased to be an exercise of mediocrity if a candidate uses infrastructure to campaign?

The man has a forked tongue inside his mouth. He is a liar, a trickster, over-ambitious, greedy and above all dangerous—and like Oliver Twist, he is asking for more. And this, he believes, it is Ghanaians who should offer the money. Are you aware he still withdraws his salary from the state’s coffers just like any other former presidents?

But come on, my cherished reader, set aside from the moment he lied about building unprecedented road network and focus instead on his naked display of shameless lies as far as the road network of Ghana. His handlers continue to mislead him by asking his drivers to circumvent the bad roads in this country. Whenever he travels outside Accra, he is made to look like the king who danced naked unknowingly. The other day when Nana Akufo-Addo complained about the state of our roads, Mr. Mahama cheekily told him that Nana sleeps anytime he travels on our roads. I will never forget the parable of the chief of Sankore, Eric Opoku’s domain when Nana visited the palace of the chief to pay him a visit.

The wise chief thanked Nana profusely for not coming to the town in a helicopter but by road. The chief said undoubtedly Nana Addo might experience the bad nature of the roads and appealed to him to fix it. Hon. Eric Opoku, who was once the B/A Regional Minister, used to mislead Mr. Mahama when he was the president.  So when Mr. Mahama decided to visit Sankore during the 2016 electioneering campaign, he made sure the then president travelled in a military helicopter. He did not want the then president to experience the bad nature of the roads.

Whenever Nana Addo travels around the country, chiefs and their elders bitterly complain about the bad nature of their roads.  In this era of IT, it is very difficult to lie because you will be easily exposed through the social media. That is why the NDC ‘Green Book’ has turned out to be a scarecrow to them. Phantom roads which were portrayed in the infamous ‘Green Book’ have been exposed and the NDC is finding it difficult to hide their shame.

Pigs & Mortuary In Our Zongos

Mr. Mahama’s first attempt to push the Muslim community was when he presented his evidence-based lecture to Ghanaians in the run-up to the 2016 general election. A Muslim woman among the crowd was asked to stand up and Mr. Mahama said the lady was given some pigs to rear as part of his agriculture improvement policy. According to Mr. Mahama, as at the time he was speaking, the pigs had quadrupled and the woman could pay the school fees of her children. Muslims among the large crowd were scandalized but they had nothing to say because after all, they were the same persons who brought the live lion to tame at home and when the lion grew up, it started devouring people.

This time around, Mr. Mahama is telling the people of the Zongo communities that if by the grace of Allah he gets the nod again, he will build one mortuary each in every Zongo community. This, to me, is blasphemy (haram) and a slap in the face of Muslims in the Zongo communities. If Ayatollah Khomeini were to be alive today, he would issue a fatwa on Mahama.  Let him go to Afghanistan or Irag and make such a silly pronouncement and see what will happen to him. He would be lynched or crucified. A deceased Muslim in the morgue awaiting burial rituals?  Walahi, abokyi nna bei de wayo!!!

From Eric Bawah