Pharmacy Council Denies Arresting Actress Fella Makafui


The Pharmacy Council of Ghana has refuted viral reports claiming that actress and social media influencer Fella Makafui was arrested by the Council for allegedly selling unregistered drugs at her shop in Mempeasem.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Dr Daniel Amaning, the Deputy Registrar of the Pharmacy Council, clarified the situation. “The Pharmacy Council is not an arresting office. We don’t arrest people. We are not the police,” Dr Amaning stated, emphasizing that the Council did not directly arrest Fella Makafui.
Dr. Amaning confirmed that she is under investigation by the Council.

He expressed concern over the sale of unapproved products, particularly by unlicensed individuals or companies on social media.

He recalled a recent operation at Accra Mall in April, where Snapchat influencer Dulcie Boateng and other social media influencers were arrested for selling numerous unapproved medicines.

“People who are not licensed to practice pharmacy or companies who are not registered and licensed to operate in the pharmaceutical sector are doing that, and that is our worry,” he explained.

Dr Amaning detailed the issues the Council faces with the rise of social media sales. “About a month ago, we did a similar exercise at Accra Mall during that exhibition where they exhibited all kinds of medicines purporting to treat several kinds of conditions. That is the practice of pharmacy. And in this country, we have laws, and the laws stipulate who is permitted to do what,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of proper regulation of such activities to prevent potential dangers to the public. “That is certainly what we are acting upon.

The vulnerabilities are high, and it is our job to protect people,” Dr. Amaning warned.

He urged the general public not to patronize medicinal products from unlicensed individuals and cautioned those involved in selling unapproved products to cease such activities.