Prince David Blasts Sarkodie For Insulting Yvonne Nelson

Prince David Osei

Actor, Prince David Osei has labeled rapper Sarkodie as “dumb” for slot-shaming actress Yvonne Nelson in his diss song to the screen goddess.

In Yvonne’s memoir titled, I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, she detailed an incident in 2010 when she had an abortion for Sarkodie.

According to her, Sarkodie was not ready to be a father at the time and she was not also ready to have a baby without a father.

Sarkodie later drove her to a hospital facility to have the abortion but left her there after the process.

Sarkodie replied in a rap diss released on Wednesday in which he claimed Yvonne asked for the abortion, citing her education.

He also slot-shame her alleging she was sleeping with other guys.

The comments in the song didn’t go down well with well-meaning and discerning Ghanaians.

Prince David Osei who is also peeved about the lyrics took a jab at Sarkodie for not acting maturely in the issue at hand.

“Childish Tantrums!! Never let the kid in you destroy the king in you … Whoever sleeps with a woman gets her pregnant and doesn’t own up as a man and goes about labeling her “Whore” is the dumbest asshole ever… She was a “Whore” yet you shagged her unprotected got her pregnant!! God…,” he wrote.

“It’s about respecting and valuing the women we have been intimate with in the past. It’s never okay to use derogatory terms or make someone feel embarrassed for something as natural as intimacy.

Real men treat women with kindness, empathy, and respect, regardless of the…,” he added.