Re: Nima Cluster Of Schools Needs Help


A pupil urinating in the open at a place his female colleagues do so too

The Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly (AEMA) has reacted to a report about the absence of sufficient and working washrooms for the many pupils who attend the Nima Cluster of Schools in Accra.

According to the Assembly’s rejoinder on the subject which appeared in the DAILY GUIDE newspaper recently following the “free range urination by both boys and girls in the open,” the cluster has a 2-storey 6-unit classroom block (Block A) with toilet facilities.

The cluster, according to the Municipal Information Officer Christiana S. Soti, has a 2-storey 12-unit classroom block (Block B) under Rehabilitation (CODA), a 3-storey 12-unit classroom (Block C) without toilet facility, a 3-unit KG block with 4-seater water closet facility and a 12-seater water closet toilet facility.

Continuing, the information officer stated that “the uncompleted toilet facility on the compound is a project under the Ministry of Special Initiatives and we are currently liaising with the Coastal Development Authority to complete it for use by the pupils.”

The Assembly gave the assurance that they are much interested in maintaining a clean environment, improve good health and to aid conducive environment for teaching and learning in our schools.”

DAILY GUIDE, whose premises adjoin the cluster of schools, stands by its story about boys and girls urinating in the open because of the lack of working and sufficient washrooms.

The facilities as spelt out by the information besides being inadequate for the close to 1,000 pupils at the school are not all in use.

An inspection of the conditions at the cluster of schools could trigger the necessary intervention which would inure to effective learning and good health.