Report ‘Goro Boys’ – NSS Boss To Personnel

Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi in Tamale

The Executive Director of the Ghana National Service Scheme(NSS), Osei Assibey Antwi, has urged newly posted national service personnel under the scheme to report any activities of ‘Goro boys’ to the secretariat.

According to him, some unscrupulous persons are using fraudulent means to take money from personnel.

“ There are a lot of unscrupulous persons who are outside trying to use NSS to do wrong things, NSS does not have any official WhatsApp group, we do not work with personnel through WhatsApp we have a platform at our headquarters that we use to communicate with our people and so if you get any information that is not coming from the right source please disregard it.”

He however noted that the scheme is working with the Ghana Police Service and that any person or group found guilty of engaging in criminal activities in the name of NSS will be arrested and prosecuted.

The National Service Scheme Executive Director made this known when he embarked on a tour to Tamale to observe the process of the metric app introduced by the scheme.

Addressing National Service Personnel’s in Tamale, the NSS Executive Director encouraged personnel’s to accept postings to rural communities to gain experience.

“Others will be posted to cities whiles others posted to villages, when I was posted to a village some years ago I thought the scheme was punishing me not knowing they were preparing me so that when I become a director at a higher place and I am taking a decision I will be able to make a good decision because I have tasted both the city and village life.”

He told the personnel that National Service is mandatory for anyone who has gone through tertiary education else they may not be eligible to work.

Mr. Antwi cautioned personnel’s to ensure that they are committed to their work at their various communities adding that a monitoring team will be on the ground to monitor performance of personnel’s.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale