Road Safety Authority Advises Drivers On Harmattan


The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has advised motorists to be cautious while driving during this harmattan season to prevent crashes.

In a statement, the Authority said subject to a press release issued by the Ghana Meteorological Agency on the harmattan season, they deem it necessary to caution all road users on its effect.

The statement continued that “This prevailing situation is characterised by dense foggy, dusty and hazy conditions in most parts of the country with its associated visibility challenges for motorists, especially at dawn, and after dusk, making driving risky. Driving in such a condition requires cautiousness and good judgement.”
According the Authority, drivers should follow the guidelines below while on the road to avoid road crashes, which may lead to deaths and injuries;

They urged drivers to leave a reasonable distance between you and the other vehicle.

NRSA stressed that ” motorists should ;
“Exercise patience.
Keep windows and mirrors clean.
Avoid excessive speeding.
Avoid unnecessary overtaking.
Use fog or driving lights (if well-equipped).
Use your low beam.
Take note of traffic and construction signs.
Use the edge line of the road as a guide.
Use advance warning triangles when your vehicle breaks down and call for immediate removal from the road.
Pedestrians are advised to wear reflective clothing to improve visibility to reduce the risk of getting knocked down by a vehicle.
Road contractors should ensure constant watering of untarred roads.”

The is optimistic that the above precautionary measures are believed to help reduce road crashes, if not eradicate them.

In conclusion, the authority is therefore cautioning motorists to adapt to this change in weather conditions by being tolerant, and cautious when driving.

By Vincent Kubi