Sack Corrupt Executives – NDC Delegates Told

Ade Coker

AN ACTIVIST of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Boutrous Andy, has urged executives of the NDC to sack old and corrupt executives of the party who are seeking re-election in the upcoming regional elections of the party.

Andy, who was sued in January this year by the NDC’s Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Ade Coker, for allegedly labelling him a ‘criminal,’ ‘thief’ and the ‘biggest mistake’ of the NDC, made the call in an open letter to all regional delegates of the NDC.

In the letter said to have been written in Tema in the Greater Accra Region, Andy, who doubles as NDC communicator advised the regional delegates to “consciously boot out old executives who are seeking re-election “unless” they have “proven” to be incorruptible, and demonstrated proven track records.”

In the letter, Andy signaled that the current ‘corrupt’ executives (whose names he did not mention) shall make moves to bribe the delegates to re-elect them during the party’s regional conferences scheduled to be held later this year.

The letter stated: “My dear friends, and delegates, they will come to you or may have come to you already in your homes, offices and even in your closet to beg you to vote for them. They will come to you at dawn, in the night in their big and luxurious cars to entice you with trappings in exchange for your votes. When they do come, they will offer you money (cash or in cheque), offer you flat screens, mobile phones and all that. When they come, talk to them nicely, pretend you like them, take the money and trappings they offer you and vote against them. They are wolves in sheep clothing; they are nothing but thieves, common criminals, and rogues gallivanting in the name of party executives.”

He urged the delegates not to turn down  ‘gifts’ from the ‘greedy bastards’ as some  alleged corrupt NDC executives have been referred to in recent times, but to take the gifts and vote against such executives, saying “so take those “flowery trappings” and vote against them. Never be fooled for the second time. First fool is not a fool but a second or third fool is a BIG FOOL.”

It continued: “They will trap you with those goodies, get retained as executives in anticipation that they will recoup their investments. Not only that, they will ditch and jilt you because in their minds they have paid you for your votes.”

According to the letter ,“In the end, they will steal the party campaign cash, steal cash meant for communicators, pocket contracts cash meant for  party activities, pocket $10,000 meant for rent and lie to you they paid the rent.

“They will steal from the party to enrich themselves, families and cronies. When they come to you ask them where’s the $20,000 John Mahama gave them to pay rent. Ask them where they got money to buy radio stations. Ask them where they got the money to buy the luxurious vehicles, buy houses in Cantonment and East Legon.

“Ask them of the whereabouts of the contract monies meant to take care of party activities. Ask them of the campaign cash for communicators. Ask them where they got the money to travel every now and then at a time the party was undergoing re-registration of members, re-organization and restructuring, et cetera, et cetera.

“After all said and done, they will line their pockets with the stolen largesse, amass wealth, acquire radio stations, acquire lands and houses in prime areas such as Cantonments, East Legon, North Legon and Ridge, buy luxurious vehicles and most painfully move from one hotel to another to eat our girls on top and other ‘swanky taste’ ladies.”

It said: “Our great party is at the crossroads and we need to collectively make the right choice in selecting the men and women to stir the affairs to leapfrog us into victory come 2020. We can no longer take chances in electing men and women with questionable characters.”

The letter added “you see, the decision to elect quality, incorruptible leaders at the regional level, will lead to choosing quality and incorruptible leaders at the national level and will in turn lead to choosing a flag bearer who will be accepted by all.”

BY Melvin Tarlue