Samini Dares Shatta Wale

Samini & Shatta Wale

A lyrical war is brewing between Ghana’s ‘Dancehall King,’ Shatta Wale and award winning musician, Samini, but this time, it is the latter who has called for the battle.

Samini on Monday, disclosed on Pluzz Fm’s ‘AM PLUZZ’ programme that his recent track – ‘Vextra’ – was done to throw his weight behind Prodigal and the VVIP trio when the group recently had a misunderstanding with Shatta Wale.

‘Vextra’ became a trending topic within hours after it was dropped and many predicted correctly that it was a jab by Samini directed at Shatta Wale.

Shatta, who was on a music tour in Kumasi when ‘Vextra’ was released, took to his tweet and sent to Samini a rather funny message: “Oh @samini_dagati u deh worry ooo. Oh why de beef you kno chop finish…ok ade come.”

Calling his (Shatta Wale’s) bluff on Monday, Samini mockingly referred to him as Mr. Mensah and remarked, “Mr. Mensah said he was in Kumasi. I don’t know if he was walking from Kumasi else he should have been in Accra by now. So Mr. Mensah, you have kept too long. I would have responded to his tweet but I can’t see the blue thick to know which of them is his real account.”

Samini continued, “I did the song to defend what Prodigal was trying to cry for and also to throw light on the fact that these things were becoming too much. People just need to respect protocol and keep moving. It was to defend Prodigal and the VVIP and the fact that there was going to be a second stage in Nima and all that….

“Mr. Mensah tweeted and said I should leave the rappers alone and that I am ‘Oluuu’ (an old man). And that fascinates me because in 2003 when he did ‘Mokohoo’ and I had done ‘Linda,’ I was about 22 years old. I don’t know whether he was 7 years old by then when I was 22 and I did ‘Linda.’ So if you call me ‘Oluu’ then I want to know how many years I am older than you. You can call me big brother. Simply because I was still around and you went and sat down for 10 years before coming back does not mean someone is ‘Oluu,’” Samini fumed.

Shatta Wale and his team have not responded to any of the provocations.

He disclosed further that his track, ‘Scatter Bad Mind,’ was also directed at Shatta Wale. He explained that he was not a stranger to or against lyrical wars as long as they remain constructive and relevant.

“I believe in constructive lyrical war. I believe in clarity and audibility of your lyrics and being able to defend your lyrics any day, any time. I like to be responsible for the things I say… Those who remember my issues very well know that I have had issues way back with throwing shots and getting the repercussions. I was a kid then when I came out throwing shots at the late Ronny Coaches, a big man. He met me around Adabraka and he pushed my head and asked me to behave myself. The media said he slapped me but he did not. He pushed my head and asked me to behave,” he Samini pointed out.


Young Artistes

He seized the opportunity to dispel speculations that he does not give a helping hand to underground and upcoming artistes.

“My track records should speak for me. If you have been in Ghana’s showbiz industry for the past 12 years you should know that I have put out a few acts during a time I was supposed to be focusing on just me.

“I can boast of not one, not two, not three but more. So if you put two people there and ask them to mention how many acts they have been able to put out during their career, I can mention more than three.

“I can mention Stonebwoy; I put out his first album, titled ‘Grade One.’ I did his first professional video for him under ‘High Grade.’ I did Kaakie with Extra Large; I am doing Kofi Kinata, I have Jah Lead coming up; I have Eugene and even before ‘High Grade,’ Samini Music introduced Mugeez as Gogome way back.  I have these people who would not deny these facts that I have put out.  The point is that I would do my best for those that I can help. I may not be able to help everybody,” he asserted.