Sarkodie, Yvonne Nelson In Abortion Battle


Rapper Sarkodie on Wednesday released a track titled ‘Try Me’, as a response to Yvonne Nelson’s narration in her memoir, I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.

In the book, the celebrated actress narrated how she was pregnant for Sarkodie and detailed how he drove her to a health facility to terminate the pregnancy.

The narration was from the point of regret for engaging in abortion.

However in his side of the story in the single, ‘Try Me’, Sarkodie decided to slot-shame the actress.

Among some of the things he said in the song was he not calling for the abortion and that it was Yvonne’s sole decision, yet he didn’t deny driving her to the hospital for the abortion.

Sark to an extent admitted that they had a relationship, but went on to slot-shame her with other claims.

Many people have asked questions about his motive for slot-shaming her. Among the questions was if he meant to say the pregnancy wasn’t his.

And If so then why he took part in the abortion?
Yvonne Nelson in her reaction to Sarkodie’s song in a tweet maintained that Sarkodie wanted the abortion.

He didn’t want her to keep the pregnancy.
She wrote: Insults won’t work Michael. Respect womanhood, I’m happy the world gets to see how you are playing this and the real you. Young women get to learn from this. You would get the applause for a rap. Still doesn’t change the TRUTH.”

“n my book, i narrated how you got me pregnant, How you couldn’t wait for me to get rid of it. How you DROVE me to have an abortion. As usual, you want to use rap to rubbish a pain a young woman felt. We both have daughters, lets see what life throws at them,” she added.