‘See Something, Say Something’ Reaches 100 Schools

Akosua Danquah Ntim Sekyere interacting with the students


The Ministry of National Security has engaged more than 100 Basic and Senior High Schools across the country in its bid to bolster citizen awareness dubbed ‘See Something, Say Something.’

The initiative aims to monitor and prevent the infiltration of violent extremists into the nation.

Launched in 2022, the campaign seeks to raise awareness and vigilance among communities and to have citizens report suspicious movements to the security agencies.

The Coordinator of the “See Something, Say Something” Campaign, Akosua Danquah Ntim Sekyere, highlighted that this campaign is part of the ministry’s border counter-terrorism strategy to sensitise the public on terrorism threats and foster collaboration with state security agencies to mitigate the risk of terrorism.

“So far the campaign has also implemented the school engagement initiative which started in November last year, and we have visited six regions which include the Greater Accra, Upper East, North East, Eastern, Volta, and Ashanti regions,” she said.

She emphasised the importance of involving students in this campaign, citing instances where terrorist groups target students for crimes like kidnapping, noting that educating students on security consciousness is crucial in preventing attacks by individuals or terrorist organisations.

“Given the security challenges posed by terrorism and violent extremism in the region, educating students on security awareness is paramount to safeguarding them from potential threats,” she pointed out.

Akosua Danquah Ntim Sekyere gave the assurance that this sensitisation effort will be extended nationwide.

She urged students to utilise the toll-free number 999 to report any suspicious activities promptly, cautioning against making prank calls as it would lead to consequences from security authorities.

Several students expressed their commitment to informing security agencies about any suspicious behaviour by groups or individuals, to help protect the state against terrorism and violent extremism.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke