Suspension Of Course 53 Triggers Excitement

Henry Quartey

The reported suspension of Course 53 Police Cadet Course has witnessed a restoration of morale among police officers who saw anomalies in the process of selection.

Upon hearing about the anomalies, Interior Minister Henry Quartey reportedly ordered the suspension of the Course so a thorough auditing can be undertaken.

Until the action of the minister was announced, morale had sunk to a record low among especially chief inspectors, who grumbled about what for them were irregularities observed in the selection of chief inspectors for the Cadet Course at the Police College.

There has been assortment of allegations of irregularities levelled against the suspended course which demand auditing, some observers have pointed out.

DAILY GUIDE can confirm that the Interior Minister wants the subject probed and the necessary action taken.

One senior police officer, who asked for anonymity, is demanding that the academic and professional records of the beneficiaries be verified.

He also demanded that “a forensic audit should scrutinise the criteria used for recommendations” to ensure that they conform to the established standards without prejudice or preference for certain candidates over others.

This is not the first time that entry into the Police College has generated controversy both in the ranks of the law enforcement agency and among the public.

A signal spotted by the DAILY GUIDE and directed to all regional commanders indicates that the Inspector General of Police has directed that “all Chief Inspectors who are members of Cadet Officers Course 53 that their reporting date has been postponed to Friday 08/03/24.”

It is unknown whether by the aforementioned rescheduled date the auditing as envisaged would have been completed.

Interior Minister, Henry Quartey, is not a stranger to the subject under review having served as Deputy National Security Minister in the course of his political life.