Senyo Hosi Abandons Bondholders


One of the lead Convenors of Ghana Individual Bondholders FORUM, Senyo Hosi has announced his resignation from the group.

Hosi has served as the group’s convenor for the past seven months, during which time he worked to correct what he believed was an economic injustice to the average Ghanaian and a major risk to the recovery of the Ghanaian economy.

During his tenure, the group was able to reduce the economic loss for its members from 50% to levels ranging from 19% to 33% in the revised offers for the Domestic Debt Exchange programme (DDEP).
The group also secured billions of payments to those who opted not to participate in the DDEP and protected 100% of their investments at par peids.

In announcing his resignation, Hosi stated that the past seven months had been one of the most fulfilling in his life, but that he was now unable to commit the time and resources required to effectively serve.

He expressed his gratitude to the media, government officials, and the IBF and IBHAG general membership for their support during his tenure.

Hosi’s resignation highlights the value of working together as a collective to shape policy and transform the country for the good of all Ghanaians.

The Convenors Ghana individual Bondholders Forum will now need to elect a new lead convenor to continue its important work.

By Vincent Kubi