‘Sexy Dondon’ Is A Terrible Guy – Investigator

Daniel Asiedu, alias Sexy Dondon


A retired police officer has described Daniel Asiedu, alias Sexy Dondon, as a terrible person who is capable of killing JB Danquah-Adu, the then Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North in the Eastern Region.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (rtd) Daniel Nkrumah, who investigated the murder of the MP about eight years ago, was rebuffing a claim by lawyer for the accused that his client’s stature did not match that of the deceased, hence could not have been able to overpower him let alone kill him.

Yaw Dankwa had suggested that the real killers of the late MP were some unidentified three police officers who were allegedly at the home of the deceased, claiming that “the three impersonating police officers, had the power and the might to overpower him and kill him.”

But the investigator rebutted the claim and said “the accused is a terrible guy, he is capable of killing JB.”

Daniel Asiedu is before the court facing charges of murder and conspiracy to commit robbery, while Vincent Bosso has been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

While under cross-examination, ASP (rtd) Nkrumah told the court that Daniel Asiedu was the one who killed the MP, pointing to the fact that the accused had confessed to the crime multiple times.

He said items were also found both in the home of the deceased and the accused which tied Asiedu to the crime, and there is no denying he killed the MP.

The defence lawyer, in one of his questions, had suggested that the three unidentified police officers killed Mr. Danquah-Adu, and after they left the scene, a story was crafted about the incident.

The investigator disagreed and said “that is not so,” indicating that Asiedu after perpetrating the crime, left the T-shirt he wore that night for the crime, which the investigation team found in the deceased’s room, soaked in blood, and the T-shirt was identified by both the accused and his girlfriend.

“Aside that, a handkerchief soaked in blood, which was also found at the scene of the crime, was also identified by the same lady and himself as his, and there was a slippers found at the scene also, that he admitted to owning,” the investigator said.

He continued that, “A cutter and catapult were also found at the crime scene, which the accused admitted to carrying them there.”

Again, “During investigation, the knife the accused used in stabbing the deceased was traced to his room in Agbogbloshie, which his girlfriend said he brought that knife to the house with blood stains on it and asked her to clean it. The accused also admitted using the knife on the deceased when he attempted to hold him,” ASP (rtd) Nkrumah added.

The investigator also rebuffed the importance of calling the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, who was then the Greater Accra Regional Commander and was at the crime scene, to testify in the case.

He said the IGP was not part of the investigation team, hence the facts of the investigations would still have been established with or without the involvement of the IGP.

He continued that, “Evidence gathered by our investigation links the first accused (Asiedu) to the crime scene and to the crime, and as he sits there, he has confessed to the crime.”

“He was taken to the crime scene, he himself of his own volition demonstrated at the crime scene how he perpetuated the crime. He begged for forgiveness for what he has done. Exhibits that were found in the deceased’s room, he admitted sending them there,” ASP (rtd) Nkrumah added.

“As an experienced person, you know that if an accused person admits in open court that he killed that man, you still have to prove his guilt by the evidence you have and not what he has said?” Lawyer Yaw Dankwa asked.

“That is what exactly the investigation proved,” the investigator responded.


BY Gibril Abdul Razak