Suhum Benkumhene Reinstated


The Benkum Chief of the Suhum Traditional area in the Eastern Region, Nana Opeabre Awuah Asiedu who was destooled on 5th February 2023 by the Chief of Suhum, has been reinstated.

Nana Opeabre Awua Asiedu was destooled by the Paramount Chief of Suhum, Osaberima Ayeh Kofi, due to some misunderstanding.

The destooled Benkumhene, known in private life as Martin Asiedu, was accused of issuing comments against the Paramount Chief.

He was then told to retract his remarks, apologize to the Chief, and pay a fee of lambs and schnapps to clean the stool, which he obliged.

At the restoration ceremony held over the weekend, Chief of Suhum Osabarima Ayeh Kofi on his part followed customary procedure to reinstate the destooled Benkum Chief.

The Chief further advised him to submit himself to serve the stool in truth and with dignity.

On the other hand, the Queen Mother of Suhum Nana Arko Bensua endorsed and supported the decision to reinstate Opeabre Nana Awuah Asiedu as the Benkum Chief of Suhum and further called for unity among the traditional leaders to drive development.

Nana Opeabre Awuah Asiedu on his part thanked the Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin and the Chief of Suhum Osabarima Ayeh Kofi for accepting his plea and granting him the opportunity to be reinstated as the Benkum Chief of Suhum traditional area.

Afterward, he also pledged to offer his continued support in serving the traditional area and driving development in the Suhum community.

BY Daniel Bampoe