Suspect In Kasoa Military Man Killing Charged With Murder


The unfolding saga surrounding the tragic killing of a soldier at Kasoa took a significant turn as the main accused individual, identified as Ben Lord, faced charges of murder and conspiracy to commit a crime to wit murder in connection with the fatal incident that shocked the community.

Ben Lord, asserting his status as a chief, found himself at the center of a grim controversy after being apprehended for allegedly perpetrating the shooting that claimed the life of the military man, L/Cpl Danso Michael at the Millennium City Police station, where the fatal altercation transpired.

The rapid escalation of events thrust Ben Lord into the legal spotlight, leading to his initial arraignment on May 3 and subsequent placement on remand pending further judicial proceedings.

Following an exhaustive investigation by law enforcement authorities, the police compiled their findings into a comprehensive docket submitted to the Attorney General for guidance on the appropriate course of action. Weeks later, the Attorney General’s office issued directives advising the Police to levy charges of murder and conspiracy against Ben Lord, underscoring the gravity of the allegations leveled against him in relation to the military man’s untimely demise.

In a parallel development, a secondary figure linked to the case, Nana Amoh Kwakye, was also implicated and subsequently charged with conspiracy to commit crime, to wit murder, casting a shadow of suspicion over his alleged involvement in the nefarious plot that led to the fatal shooting incident in Kasoa.

By Vincent Kubi