Tanker Driver Murdered And Hanged

Some curious people that rushed to where Kabutey’s body was hanged 

A TANKER driver, 52, has allegedly been killed by some unknown assailants.

Police suspect that after the gruesome act, the assailants hanged the body of driver identified as Timothy Kabutey aka ‘Timoo’ on a wall.

The sad incident happened at Tafo, Kumasi on Wednesday when Timoo’s body was found hanging on a wall.

The police have been working to establish the facts of the case as people in the neighbourhood suspect the driver was murdered before being hanged.

Eye witnesses said the tanker driver, who is 52 years-old was living happily with his wife and five kids until he was found dead on Wednesday morning.

Some of the residents are saying that before his death he did not show any sign that suggested that he was in danger in any way.

They are of the view that perhaps some people had issues with him and wanted him dead.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi