The Gathering Clouds In The Zu-za Camp

The focus of my microscopic lens today is on those standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella, Zu-za to be precise. I’m intrigued by happenings in the Zu-za camp and cannot help wondering if indeed it is a party with a genuine desire to wrestle power from the Nana Dee government. The battle lines are drawn and one can only imagine what would happen as the D-day draws closer.

The chief meteorologist has predicted there would be a rainstorm in November. Heavy clouds have started gathering and I can see many of my compatriots rushing to remove their clothes from the drying line. Those with sheets dangling on the roof are fixing the problem in order to avert a situation where their rooms could be converted into swimming pools when the rains eventually come.

I humbly implore you to look into the camp of opposition Zu-za and tell me what you see. Are the umbrella-embossed clothes still not hanging on the drying line as the heavy clouds gather? Look again and tell me what you see? Are the sheets in the main Umbrella house still not dangling despite the prediction of a heavy downpour by the meteorologist?

Of course, I can see some, who are committed to the cause of the Umbrella, making frantic efforts to remove the umbrella-embossed clothes from the line and also help fix the dangling roofing sheets. A very commendable effort indeed!

But one can also see others, who also profess to love the Umbrella, destroying the sheets on the roof. Their motive is very obvious, isn’t it? Their wish is to see the umbrella-embossed building submerge in water when the rains finally come.

Am I worried? No, I’m not. I’m only an outsider observing happenings in the Zu-za camp. What they do and how they do it is their problem, not mine. I’m only telling you about it because mine is a mouth that cannot stop engaging in ‘konkonsa’. I also know that yours are rabbit-like ears that enjoy listening to my tales.


As mentioned earlier, the battles lines are drawn and it is no secret that President Ogwanfunu will be contesting. Indeed, he will be battling for the flagbearership throne against ten or more others. With the likes of Prof. Kwesi Botchwey lacing up their boots to join the race, we are yet to see the final number.

Goosie Tanor is the latest to join the race. Though he is aging, the man is still very handsome. If that were the only requirement for winning the Zu-za throne, I’m sure not even the ‘young’ President Ogwanfunu could beat him to the throne.

Hon. Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, Deputy Finance Minister during President Ogwanfunu’s reign, has also joined the race but is yet to throw any real punch. He has so far been engaged in shadow boxing. We eagerly await his first real and heavy punch.

Hon. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, President Ogwanfunu’s Trade Minister, is also in the race. He has thrown few punches at his former boss, but they lack the requisite power to send the former president crushing to the ground.

Meanwhile, former Diplomat James Victor Gbeho and Hon. Ken Dzirasah have thrown their weight behind Prof. Joshua Alabi. The gesture has sent shivers down the spine of the Ogwanfunu camp. Another Voltarian and MP for Keta, Hon. Richard Quarshigah, is also in the Alabi camp. Knowing how sharp his tongue is, I expect fireworks days leading to the primaries.

The candidate with the heaviest punch so far is Alban Kingsford Sumani Bagbin, the Second Deputy Speaker and a minister under President Ogwanfunu. His description of the ‘Ogwanfunu boys’ and revelation of how they greedily looted state coffers are as interesting as they are illuminating.

But his so-called discriminatory comments against persons with disabilities have somewhat neutralised the effects of his punches. He, however, disagrees with that observation so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The most popular of the candidates is former President Ogwanfunu. His decision to contest was no surprise because of the earlier hints he had given. Some ninety-four (94) MPs are said to have endorsed his candidature. With many of the delegates being his appointees, the other candidates need to do much more than they are doing now if they really want to beat him.

President Ogwanfunu is my choice to win the contest, although my heart tells me Alabi will be a much more competent candidate. Indeed, the flagbearership throne is for President Ogwanfunu to lose.

But with the clouds gathering thick and fast, and some of his opponents ensuring that the dangling roofs are not repaired, his room will definitely get flooded when the heavens eventually open up. The level of destruction by the floods will tell us if he is capable of winning the 2020 election.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

From Agya Kwaku Ogboro