The Hounds And Attack Dogs Have Been Released On Dr. Bawumia


What the NDC has not realised is that the Montie 3, led by Salifu Maase, alias Mugabe from Kumasi Moshie Zongo, played a meaningful role in the disgraceful defeat of Mr. John Mahama in the 2016 Presidential Election. When the NDC established a radio station and charged Salifu Maase and his colleagues to take on candidate Nana Akufo-Addo on daily basis, little did they know that they were advocating sympathy for the gentleman.

Barely one month to the 2020 general election, these hired Montie 3, made the most serious political mistake, which made Ghanaians move in sympathy with candidate Nana Akufo-Addo. One of them, Arko Gunn, made a statement that he saw Nana Addo drinking Kalyppo, a popular soft drink patronised by both the young and old.  He flashed a picture of Akufo-Addo sitting in his car and drinking the soft drink. The trio chastised Akufo-Addo for drinking Kalyppo. According to them, Kalyppo was not good for old men like Akufo-Addo, and that he would die soon if he continued to drink Kalyppo.

Arko Gunn, who today holds a national position in the NDC, did not realise that he had incurred the displeasure of Ghanaians, particularly local businessmen and women who were contributing their quota to national development through the production of soft drinks, which used to be imported into the country with hard currency.  To them, the statement was an attempt to kill local industries.

The NPP seized the opportunity to make the best out of the unfortunate propaganda of Arko Gunn and his cohorts. At the last rally of the NPP held at the Trade Fair Center in Accra, almost everybody who attended was drinking Kalyppo.  Even ex-President Kufuor was seen at the high table, drinking Kalyppo.  Producers of Kalyppo had to quickly cart truckloads of the drinks to the venue since it was in high demand. Kalyppo continued to be popular among Ghanaians up till today.  Call it “Arko Gunn vile propaganda gone sour” and you will not be far from right.

You see, Ghanaian culture abhors insults of elders but the more the Montie 3 continued to insult Akufo-Addo, the more undecided voters moved in sympathy with the gentleman. They asked, “What has such a nice gentleman done to these upstarts to warrant these daily insults?”  At the end of the day, Mr. Mahama who was enjoying the daily insults lost by an unprecedented one million votes to Akufo-Addo.  Meanwhile, the late Professor Mills beat Akufo-Addo by just 48,000 votes in the 2008 presidential election. Mr. Mahama was humiliated and he started growing lean.

The Montie 3 led by the Moshie Zongo boy, walked away with one V8 vehicle each and a huge sum of money even though they still have the jail bird tag, firmly fixed on their coats when they were caught and jailed for contempt of court. As for Alistair Nelson, he is lost in action. Maybe the guy has learnt his lessons well, hence, his silence. That is the way the Lord of Israel does His things.

In the face of all these insults, vilification, and sheer disrespect by these crooks called Montie 3, Akufo-Addo never mentioned a word. He concentrated on his campaign messages and just moved forward. He left everything in the hands of God and continued to tell Ghanaians that, “the battle is the Lord’s.” The good people of this country too kept their silence as they kept their cards closely on their chests. Mahama was surprised when Ghanaians punished him at the polls. It left him talking like a mad man.  He is yet to recover. He has not learnt a lesson from the experience. He has again assembled irresponsible, opportunistic, hungry rubble-rousers to go on air and insult Dr. Bawumia, the man he fears most.

Now enter Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as the flagbearer of the NPP, and the NDC leadership, led by the accomplished loser, John Dramani Mahama, who has released their hounds and German attack dogs to take on the nice hardworking gentleman. But will they get the leeway as they did in the run-up to the 2020 general election?  The answer is a very big NO. There are some of us who are self appointed defenders of Dr. Bawumia.  It is not for Dr. Bawumia to defend himself.  This time around we will join the Lord to fight the battle.

If they spit fire, we will spit acid. If they try to besmear Dr. Bawumia with dirt, they will be opening the underbelly of Mr. Mahama for a vicious and ruthless attack. If they enter the gutter, we will be there with them and together we will make ourselves dirty. And they must remember that Mr. Mahama has a cupboard full of skeletons. Untold stories will be told and hidden secrets will be revealed.  Even the sins of the father will visit the son.

The 2024 General Election should be based on issues but not insults. The NDC ruled the country for eight years and by December 2024, the NPP will have been in power for eight years.  So much water has passed under the bridge.  If the NDC thinks because of the current economic meltdown which has engulfed the whole world, including Ghana, there is a chance for them to ride to power, they should watch out.

The NPP, led by Akufo-Addo has many stories to tell as far as the development of the nation is concerned.  The NDC too will tell their stories.  It will be up to us, the voters to decide.  We are human beings and we can distinguish between the wheat and the chaff.  We don’t need anyone to insult us and coerce or bully us to make a decision that will suit their whims and caprices.

The main problem we are going to face during the 2024 general election is the untoward behaviour of some so-called TV/radio presenters. These group of hungry, easy to poach and hired half-baked journalists will do everything, including the destruction of the hard won reputation of people, to earn their living. And there are some of us who will also take them on, thereby, opening the floodgates for all fight.  It is going to be the struggle between the good and the evil, and God will surely not be neutral in this battle. Full stop

By Eric Bawah