The spirit of revival is moving across the capital…

Great Job! Hon. Henry Quartey, Greater Accra Regional Minister

As political actors, our calling is to make positive impact in the affairs of men and act as agents of transformation. This known consideration is apparently not lost in our new Regional Minister. It is important to remind ourselves that the sole motivation needed by every appointee of the President is the fact that he/ she emerged as the President’s choice out of a plethora of rich and diverse human resources. This means that you have no business failing, or asking for an extra dosage of motivation from any human being apart from God Almighty.

Mr. Minister, you are doing the very positive things great men saw and fled from, illustrious women realised and felt same ought to be dedicated to the spirits to deal with. You must be supported and commended endlessly. Hon. Henry Quartey, for this positive direction you are taking in the national capital, your efforts and name would be written in our country’s history. You have shown that you are not only a giant in body and heart, you are also not of a timerous soul.
You are a man of substance, brave, with a determined spirit.
Soldier on, Hon. Minister… If this blue print is mirrored across the regions but tailor-made to reflect the dynamics of each region, Ghana would be a better place.

The Voice of Dr Richard Yeboah Asante . Deputy National communications director