Thyroid Patients Support Fund Launched

Nana Adwoa Konadu Dsane addressing the press after the launch

As part of its mission to raise awareness about thyroid diseases in the country and provide prompt and appropriate treatment to those who suffer from thyroid disorders, the Thyroid Ghana Foundation (TGF) has launched a patients’ support fund.

The ‘Thyroid Ghana Foundation Patients Support Fund’ will help support thyroid patients who require thyroid surgery but have financial difficulties paying for their surgery.

Speaking at the launch of the Support Fund at the commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the foundation, TGF founder, Nana Adwoa Konadu Dsane, indicated that the launch of the fund has become necessary as many thyroid patients around the country who contact the foundation complain of their inability to raise the necessary funds for treatments even though the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) provides subsidized surgeries for thyroid patients.

“Today’s launch of the fund is very significant because it marks the 5th year of Thyroid Ghana Foundation supporting patients and also World Thyroid Day. Even though UGMC has a subsidized price for thyroid treatment most of the members are unable to meet the price target. This is worrying hence the reason why we launched the fund to solicit donor support” she said.

Mrs. Dane lauded the effort made by UGMC managers in reducing the cost of thyroid treatment, “The cost of treatment was GH¢ 11,500 but due to our collaborations with them it has been reduced to as low as GH¢4,500,” she said.

Professor Rev. Patrick Ayeh-Kumi, Chair of TGF, noted that addressing medical conditions that would have otherwise gone untreated has been consistently positive as a result of the collaboration between the health facility and TGF.

He said UGMC has promoted social equity and increased patient volume and revenue from service fees, client referrals, publicity and popularity, and awareness creation of efficient thyroid management and treatment.

“The foundation is seeking collaborations from external institutions to support its activities and promote thyroid research in Ghana and Africa as there is not much data available in this regard. Plans are underway to organize fundraising events within and outside the country to support thyroid surgery and other related care for needy patients,” he added.

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BY Prince Fiifi Yorke