Too Late To Patch It Up

My dear and cherished reader, permit me to confess to you today that I am hypertensive.  My personal doctor has advised me not to get angry anytime I am provoked because anger is not good for anyone suffering from hypertension.  He said there is no cure for hypertension but one can only control it.  According to my doctor, laughter is very good for hypertensive patients and so I should not hesitate to laugh and smile anytime I am provoked.  Having followed the advice of my doctor, I have come to realize that anytime I go to check my Blood Pressure (BP) at the hospital, it is okay with me.  Indeed, curative medicine is not only when you swallow tablets and drink syrups or take injections.  Laughter can control your BP.  This is a free consultation for you if you are suffering from BP like me.

By now, you may be saying I am beating about the bush since I am not going straight to the point as far as the headline for this article is concerned.   The other day, I was trudging back home from my farm after working past exhaustion with my old ‘Akasanoma’ preset radio perched on my shoulder when I heard a newscaster presenting news.  I increased the volume of the radio in order to listen to the news.  I heard a sound bite and the voice in it seemed familiar to me.  It was the voice of former president John Dramani Mahama addressing the media after presenting his letter to the general secretary of the NDC to contest the flagbearership slot of the party.  He said after consulting a cross-section of the grass root and the elders of the party, he has come to the conclusion that there is the need for him to contest and possibly win the 2020 general elections in order to right the wrongs and take the country to a higher pedestal since, according to him, Ghanaians are suffering under the current dispensation.  To him, things are not going well under the current regime and so if he gets the nod, he will continue with the good things that he started before being booted out of power.

Having listened to the man, I nearly threw the radio into the bush out of anger but I remembered what my doctor had told me so I rather chose laughter instead of anger.  Yes, indeed, Mr. Mahama must come back to finally lick the little that he left in the state coffers when the NDC was in power.  Even though he left bones in the national kitty, bones contain marrow so he wants to come back to finish everything.  If Mahama comes back, Ghanaians will vote for him to become president again because Ghanaians are shortsighted and forgetful as he told us when he was in power.  Mahama must come back so that his ‘babies with sharp teeth’ will once again continue to build mansions and ride in brand new V8 cars since the ones they are currently using seem outmoded.

It has been a long time since his wife Lordina Mahama rode in an helicopter to Ampoma in the Brong Ahafo Region where she hails from.  Some ‘bad’ boys have removed the huge billboards with beautiful pictures of Mahama and his wife in Sunyani so there is the need for him to come back and erect new and more costly billboards as a show of power and glory. Some chiefs in the country like the Sunyani Omanhene who predicted 80 per cent to 90 per cent for Mahama in the run-up to the 2016 elections who did not get their share of the booty are crying for him to come back.  The truth is that because Mr. Mahama lost the last election, he did not get the chance to finish insulting Ghanaians so he has to come back to continue with the insults and vilification.  Like the ‘Montie Three’ case, Mr. Mahama wants to come back to get Abuga Pele and Assabit out of jail.  After all, the constitution will give him the power to do so.  If by the grace of God, Mr. Mahama comes back, one of the unfinished jobs he said he was going to execute was to block the Woyomi judgment debt case since the money was used to sponsor him in the 2012 general elections.

The Ahwoi brothers, Mr. Rawlings and his wife, the Ewe confederacy, and indeed the Tsikatas and a host of them will have to stay wherever they are when Mahama comes back because they are vexatious to his spirit. Even though the special prosecutor has not started hauling his people to court, Mahama must come back as early as possible to sack the man before it is too late since he and his people have skeletons in their cupboards. Now that the president has gone to China to sign a deal with the Chinese counterparts which will earn Ghana a whopping two billion dollars to undertake huge developmental projects in the country, Mahama must come back to cancel the deal because if they start to construct bridges, roads, hospitals, overhead bridges, schools, etc., the NDC will die and so Mahama must come back to stop those developmental projects.

And come to think of this:  If Mahama comes back who will be his running mate?  I am asking this question because history is there to guard us.  In the political history of Ghana, Mr. Mahama is the only vice-president who inherited the sitting president who died mysteriously. He is also the ex-president whose ex-vice president died at the gym and was conveyed to the 37 Military Hospital in a pickup.  Who comes as his running mate?  Ah, over to you, Joe Lartey!

A Third Force In The Making

If Mr. Mahama wins the primaries, what will be herculean to him is how to unite the party after the primaries.  He started with the ‘Unity Walk’ which turned out to be a ‘Disunity Walk’.  Hon. Alban Bagbin continues to spit fire and fury while Professor Joshua Alabi continues to dare the devil.  Cool and calm Sylvester Mensah is silently doing his own thing while my own man, Spio Garbra, the Trojan Horse, bids his time steadily. Good old Professor Kwesi Botchwey is hiding behind Rawlings and pretending as if he will not join the race. As for Rawlings, the general secretary of the NDC Mr. Asiedu Nketia has made us understand that he is a chained dog so he can only bark but surely he can’t bite.  If Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings had not been subtly disqualified in the run-up to the 2016 general elections, she would have pulled a surprise, but Mr. Mahama and his cohorts did everything possible to make sure the lady was pushed out of the race.  By now, I can bet with my last Kufuor cedis that she has started lacing her boots.

You see, I continue to move with sympathy for this woman because of what happened in Sunyani when the NDC had their delegates’ congress.  Asiedu Nketia and his crooks made sure the National Anthem was played while the lady and her husband were entering the venue so delegates did not catch a glimpse of them.  And when it was time for her to deliver her message to the delegates, NDC ministers and the leadership of the party who sat at the high table heckled her to the extent that at a point in time she had to briefly stop her delivery to chastise them.  As she was leaving the venue after the voting, a group of drunken and drugged NDC hooligans hooted at her.  That was why she immediately formed her own political party when she returned to Accra.  Do you expect this lady, who did put her nose on the grindstone to form the NDC with her husband to come back to the party again? La!!!

And the Lord of Host did put His words in my mouth and said, tell the people, carrier of my message.  And the Lord of Host told his trusted Angel Gabriel, tell them that there is going to be a third force, coming from the NDC and the battle will be hotter.

From Eric Bawah