Virtual Sounds Lab. Outdoors Nord Keyboard

Victor Dey Jnr. speaking at the launch

Virtual Sounds Laboratory, an official local distributor and agent for various musical instruments, has officially launched the latest version of Nord Keyboard.

Virtual Sound Laboratory has had the honour of meeting the various sound and technical needs of Ghanaian institutions, sound engineers, musical event organisers and individuals for the past 10 years.

Ghanaian international keyboardist Victor Dey Jnr., who launched the Nord Keyboard at a ceremony held at the premises of the Virtual Sound Laboratory at Asylum Down, advised sound engineers and musicians to use Nord Electro 5 Keyboard in order to get the needed sound quality for their works.

According to him, Nord Electron 5 Keyboard is the best for any sound engineer and musician who want to achieve their goals.

“I have tried a lot of keybaords and I can confidently say that Nord Electron 5 is the best for any sound engineer as well as live musical events. The quality of sound Nord Electron 5 produces its enormous,” he said.

To him, he is now very comfortable using the Nord Electro 5 Keyboards and would prefer it to any other keyboards, adding that the Nord Electro 5 Keyboard provides a wide complement of piano, electric piano, organ, among others, with dozens of choices within each of those categories all with a thrilling, robust presence and useful control features.

He mentioned that the Nord Electro Keyboard is a natural choice for musicians in need of authentic emulations of classical electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in a portable and easy-to-use package.

This, the HP model, features Nord’s amazingly portable weighted hammer action piano keys. It is perfect for electric and acoustic piano sounds, but also works great for organ playing.