Wendy Shay Jabs A Plus In Spiritual Hype Brouhaha

A Plus and Wendy Shay

Songstress, Wendy Shay has now taken to social media to defend herself against accusations that she was seeking attention when she said her recent accident was a result of spiritual attacks.
Showbiz personality, A Plus had said on UTV’s United Showbiz that Wendy Shay was seeking to hype her brand with her spiritual attacks claim.
“We cannot say it is spiritual. It is all for the hype. First Bullet said he would be flying her to Germany for treatment. Now they are saying that it is spiritual. They know what they are doing. It’s called a stunt, and they are doing it well,” A Plus said.
But Wendy categorically dismissed A Plus’s comments and tagged them as fabrications while she urged the public not to entertain such claims.
In a tweet in which she didn’t mention A Plus, she wrote, “Spiritual attacks are real in the music industry, and they are aware. Do not feed into the lies. All these people declaring otherwise are protected by certain forces.
“Up and coming artistes before you get in the industry get spiritual backing. If not for God I would have been killed and you are there talking about hype. Ghana wake up! #Lovemenow.”


By Francis Addo