We’re Not Against Demo- Police

The Ghana Police Service has issued a press release to debunk claims that it is against any person or group who wants to demonstrate within the law.

This statement comes after a three-day demonstration by a group, which was supported by members of the public.

The police expressed their gratitude to the public for their support and understanding during the demonstration, especially those in Accra. However, they also apologized for any inconvenience caused to those caught up in the vehicular holdups during the event.

With the demonstration over, the police are now looking to meet with the organizers for a debriefing session.
The aim is to ensure that future engagements of this nature are more fruitful.

The police further reiterated that they are not against any person or group who may want to demonstrate. They have a solid track record of providing security for demonstrations in the past and will continue to do so within the confines of the law.

In the spirit of deepening the country’s democratic credentials and maintaining peace and security, the police have urged the general public to continue partnering with them.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Grace Ansah-Akrofi, Director of Public Affairs, signed off the press release.


By Vincent Kubi