Why NDC Will Not Come Back To Power

And who dared me to boldly come out with such a daring headline and a courageous disposition on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) amid the hullabaloo of whether the Electoral Commission must maintain as old machines or procure a new one for the 2020 elections in Ghana.

And why have the political prophets of Ghana not revealed God’s intention as to ‘what will be will be’ in a country that boasts of representing sixty plus Christians come 2020?

I am by this piece acting like Alexander the Great of Greece who beat them all to it by slashing the Gordian knot with a sword instead of trying to untie it as expected.

The political prophets may have failed to tell it all to Ghanaians what the political barometer is as far as the 2020 elections are concerned because they are like the prophets in the Book of Jeremiah14 :14. “And the Lord said to me. The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination and the deceit of their own minds.”

The political situation demanded a truth from the prophets in Israel just as Ghana demanded the truth about who and which political party must win the 2020 elections.

But all the political prophets did prophesy from their stomach and not from the word of God.

Before the 2016 elections, I made an unmistaken prediction in an edition of The Punch that there was going to be A CHANGE.

And the CHANGE did come to Ghana bearing fruit in Free Senior High School system, abundance of food, jobs for the youth and a steady economic management and the attack on corruption which was a free-for-all pursuit in the Mahama-led administration.

Nana Akufo-Addo’s mantra of ‘We Need A Change’ came to pass with overwhelming votes of over one million to push out the incumbent John Mahama. And for an opposition party to score with over one million in black African elections could only be attributed to a divine intervention.

The four-year mandate of the Akufo-Addo-led administration is ticking away to December 2020 to make way for another election as the Constitution mandates.

The question is; who will win the 2020 elections ? NPP or the NDC? And for the answer, let’s go back to the 2016 elections and see why the NDC ? with its strong incumbency and its manipulations over the pro-NDC Electoral Commission headed by Mrs. Charlotte Osei ? could be brought down from the pinnacle of power to a sprawling fall to the ground like how David the shepherd boy did to the mighty Goliath.

What happened to the ‘?y?zu ?y? za’ mantra? Where was the Usain Bolt to strike Nana Addo? Why didn’t General Mosquito Aseidu Nketia shake his talisman-studded ‘batakari’ to bring out all the powers of darkness to bamboozle the NPP to flee with their tails in their legs?

Was God’s finger deep in the eye that the NDC prepared to celebrate in a grand style?

What happened to Charlotte Osei’s juggernaut of the rigging machine that was the ‘lady-in-wasting’ to be married to the victorious NDC?

Yes, there was a divine intervention from God. He is the Creator and overseer of all nations, race, tribes and tongues and governor of all political systems under this sun. In 2016, God was on hand to tell President John Dramani Mahama that ‘enough is enough.

God told President Mahama that “wadi teacher, wadis?fo?”, way? catchiest, assembly member, Member of Parliament, deputy minister, minister, vice –president and president, what again koraa that you want in this world?”

The NDC must note that it was God who came down from heaven to become the Electoral Commissioner to bring the CHANGE to a struggling Ghana, hence the votes went to Nana Addo with a convincing win in 2016.

The NDC suffered sling -thrown from God as he did to the uncircumcised Goliath who taunted the opposition with ‘hweehwee’ of Usain Bolt’s sign of arrogance.

When Rome was burning, Nero was fiddling. When Ghanaian were reeling under corruption of the NDC administration, Mahama was ‘usain bolting’ in arrogance and God called off Mahama and his NDC bluff to give Nana Addo a chance to prove his worth as a president.

How then would God remove Nana Addo and give back power to John Mahama come 2020?

God is not like an ‘Alata man’. God is not like mortals to go against his word. God by his divine authority shall never bring back Mahama and his NDC to power.

Ghana has emerged from the Red Sea on a dry land to begin our journey to the land flowing with milk and honey.

The NDC is still drowned in the Red Sea of opposition and no amount of political chicanery, demonstration and fire spiting would force God to do otherwise.

Madam Charlotte Osei and the host of the NDC watched in silence when God commanded her electoral machine to ‘stand still’ did not know what divine stone hit her forehead that she could not manipulate figures to the advantage of John Mahama and the NDC.

God has foreshadowed the resurrection by raising Ghana from corruptible to incorruptible body and has given Ghana an eternal life to develop and progress into the future.

The NDC must not strive against Nana Akufo-Addo as president and the people of Ghana because God is in control.

I am urging all the opponents of the new voters’ register to stop the demonstration and the political agitations and be civil and godly as citizens of Ghana and watch how God is leading Ghana to the Promised Land.

What is God saying to the NDC demonstrators, some of who are calling for fire and brimstone on Ghana? Read Psalm 59 verse 6, “Each evening they come back (from demos) howling like dogs and prowling about the city.

Verse 7: “There they are bellowing with their mouths with swords in their lips – for who they think will hear us”

Verse 8: “But you, O Lord laugh at them, you hold all the nations in derision.

Yes, God is laughing at the NDC demonstrators because their demonstrations will not yield anything to change Ghana’s destiny. God is working his will through Nana Akufo-Addo as president of Ghana from 2016 till thy kingdom come. Nothing will change in 2020.

Let those who claim they are the right people to push Nana and his NPP from the throne using all the ‘patapaa’ tactics would be fighting God for a fight they can’t win in their physical lives.

Let us read the book of James 3:13-14. “Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his words in the meekness of wisdom. but if you have bitter, jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts do not boast and be false to the truth”.

Verse 15: “This is not wisdom that comes down from above but it is earthly, unspiritual and demonic”

Verse 16: For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice”.

I urge the church elders and senior citizens of the NDC party not to speak like the false prophets, spewing out frogs, snakes and scorpions against God’s lovely people of Ghana or they’ll face damnation of eternal hell fire.

It is not the electoral voters’ register that would change the destiny of the NDC to hop from opposition to land on the presidential throne come the 2020 elections. It is God who determines the destiny of nations.

Election 2020 is the last lap winding up to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to root out Satan and his cohorts all over the earth.

It is not me speaking on my own authority but by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me as the Book of Revelation 22:6 says:

“And He said to me: These words are trustworthy and true. And they heard the voice of the spirits of the prophets has sent his angels to show his servants what must soon take place”.

That is why I am speaking to the 2020 elections and matters arising on the voters’ register. God is in control of Ghana’s elections as the time ticks towards the end of this age.

God who knows the beginning to the end is the same God who knows the end to the beginning to the end. Nana is a fulfillment of God’s prophecy to raise a black African nation called Ghana towards the home coming of the slaved ones from the Americans and Caribbeans.

God freed the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt after 400 years. It is also 400 years for God to bring back the descendants of the slaves who were carried to America.

Ghana, under Nana Akufo-Addo, is being moulded to receive them back on behalf of Black Africa.

This is the whole truth that must be told. God used Ghana’s first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to promote the emancipation of the blackman.

It is the turn of Akufo-Addo in his Presidency to welcome the returnees from slavery back to Africa.

Nana, therefore, is destined to win the 2020 elections to fulfill God’s mission for Africa.

By Evangelist Eddie Owusu-Afram