Yoruba Community Office Opened

Alhaji Musa Baba commissioning the office as Alhaji Sidiku Buari and others look on


The Yoruba Community in Accra and indeed across the country has a new office where it can undertake various administrative functions in the interest of members.

The commissioning was done yesterday in the Central Business District of Accra by Alhaji Musa Baba and supported Alhaji Sidiku Buari and the Central Region Yoruba Chief, Oba Salami.

The function attracted personalities of the community from as far afield as Tamale in the Northern Region where the Deputy President of the community resides.

It was a great moment for the President of the community Alhaji Azeez Babatunde Yahaya who in his speech called for unity among members of the community.

The President who is a top businessman contributed immensely towards the refitting of the office accommodation which was donated by the late Alhaji Bashir Peregrino-Brimah.

The office is located within the Chief Brimah I’s palace at Okaishie.

Alhaji Musa Baba who is the immediate past President of the community urged members to teach their children who as he put it “although Ghanaians the Yoruba language and culture.”