Zie Drops ‘I’m Different’ 


Ghanaian-American rapper Zak Bonzie, known in the entertainment scene as Zie, has dropped his much-awaited single titled ‘I’m Different’.

His explosive new single directed by Ice Williams, shot and edited by Camm J Boyd, has since its release generated a lot of views and reactions on various streaming platforms.

Speaking to BEATWAVES, Zie entreated his music enthusiasts to anticipate the forthcoming Extended Play (EP) titled ‘KWESI’ which will be released soon.

“I urged you all to stream my music and watch out for my EP, which has been arranged to suit each listener across the globe,” he said.

Zak Bonzie is a Ghanaian-American Oklahoma native poised to capture the contemporary pop culture through his branding and music initiatives.

Although an Oklahoman at heart, Zie found it necessary to rebrand himself through the likes of moving to Las Vegas (2017) to widely commercialise his EAT brand.

EAT (created in 2013 as an acronym for Eliminate All Troubles) is a lifestyle brand that encapsulates a mentality, a disposition, and an ambitious perspective.

Ever since his first acclaimed project dubbed ‘Animal’ released in 2012, there’s been an obvious progression from a marketing/branding standpoint, but also a lyrical upstage asserting captivating content and strong visuals to reflect his creative prowess.

Zie’s accomplishments far outweigh that of his Oklahoma contemporaries, with projects hosted by DJ Drama and DJ Mr. Rogers (2015) and even an XM radio tour run in 2016 places him on the precipice of renowned recognition and cements a foothold in both Oklahoma’s and west coast music scenes.

Although there is much credence to his resume and accomplishments, Zie is still building upon his established foundation and looking to further his brand.