Actor Lilwin Got Me Pregnant At Age 16 – Patricia Afriyie

Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Patricia Afriyie

Patricia Afriyie, ex-wife of popular actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has made some wild claims about her ex-husband, alleging that he got her pregnant when she was only a minor.

In an interview with Oheneba1 TV, she alleged that the actor met her when she was only 14. As a minor, as she was, the actor still went ahead to propose love to her and ended up impregnating her.

She also alleged that he used to abuse and maltreat her. That includes not coming home often and leaving her with little money to take care of their kids.

Despite her struggles with him through thick and thin, he has abandoned her now that he has made it in life.

“We went through hard times. We used to take gari for supper. He took me when I was 14-15years. People used to insult me on set because of him but I didn’t give up on him because I had hope things will get better,” she stated.

“That time I saw him as a grown-up so I felt I needed to be with someone like him to teach me. I was in class 6 when we met but I stopped and went to another school to start from Form 1. I got pregnant with our first child in Form 3 when I was 16years. Before that I got pregnant but that pregnancy spoiled,” she claimed.

Patricia’s revelation follows recent reports that Kwadwo Nkansah has got married to his new wife called Maame Serwaa. The marriage has come six years after Lilwin divorced her.

According to her, she was surprised Lilwin didn’t marry actress Sandra Ababio who she alleged collapsed her marriage with the actor.

Lilwin and Sandra Ababio have long been rumoured to have been having secret love affairs but they have both denied it.
However, Lilwin’s ex-wife said it is a lie, alleging she even saw Sandra’s naked photos on Lilwin’s phone.

She challenged Sandra Ababio to curse her if she lied about her relationship with her then-husband.

“I swear to God that I saw Sandra’s naked picture on Kwadwo’s phone. At that time Kwadwo didn’t want me to use his phone. Sandra should curse me if I’m lying. She should come out and curse me if she wasn’t sleeping with Lilwin when I was married to him,” she indicated.

When pushed to probe further whether she was referring to Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio, she added “Yes, Sandra Osafo Ababio. She is the one I’m talking about. Sandra Ababio is the cause of my marriage breakdown. My husband’s attitude changed immediately after Sandra started to share her naked pictures with him.”

She went on to say it would have pained her if Lilwin had married Sandra.

“I’m very happy for him. More importantly, I’m very excited that he chose not to marry Sandra Ababio. That would have pained me because she might think that she has won.”

Both Lilwin and Sandra are yet to respond to Patrica’s latest allegations.