Alan Dumps NPP Again! Goes Independent For 2024 Elections


In a surprising turn of events, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, the former presidential aspirant of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the country’s former Trade and Industry Minister, has announced his resignation from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the second time after another defeat.

Furthermore, Kyerematen revealed his intention to run as an independent presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 Elections.

His political party name is Movement for change with a butterfly as the symbol.

Kyerematen, a prominent figure within the NPP, made the announcement during a press conference held today. Flanked by his supporters, he spoke at length about the circumstances and context that led to his decision.

“Under the circumstances and the context I find myself, I have resigned from the New Patriotic Party,” Kyerematen declared, his voice filled with determination. “I have taken this difficult decision to contest as an independent candidate in the 2024 Presidential Elections.”

The former Trade and Industry Minister delved into specific details regarding the circumstances surrounding his decision to resign from the NPP, as it is widely speculated that disagreements over his failure to attain the highest votes in the Special Delegates Conference of the party among others contributed to his departure.

He also believes that all the people associated with him directly or indirectly are treated with disdain and considered an outcast.

The former minister was of the view that the decision of the National Council of NPP after the Special Delegates Conference was unconstitutional. As a result, “I am Honourably resigning with immediate effect. I am resigning form the NPP to contest as an independent candidate.”

According to him, he is the only leader who can guarantee the economic and industrial transformation of Ghana.

He said it was his fevernt wish to use his knowledge to serve the nation, asking for the support of the citizenry to become the next president of Ghana.

“Despite the sacrifices I made to reunite the party they were very serious post primary attacks on my supporters.”

Kyerematen, who has long been considered a strong contender in the NPP’s internal race for the party’s presidential ticket, expressed his gratitude to the NPP and its members for their support over the years. He emphasized that his decision to run as an independent candidate should not be seen as a betrayal, but rather as a necessary step to pursue his vision for Ghana.

The announcement by Kyerematen has undoubtedly injected a new dynamic into the political landscape of Ghana. As an experienced politician and former government minister, his decision to run as an independent candidate is expected to garner significant attention and potentially influence the electoral dynamics leading up to the 2024 Presidential Elections.

Political analysts are already speculating on the potential impact of Kyerematen’s candidacy, particularly in terms of splitting the NPP’s support base. With his strong following and considerable experience within the party, his decision to contest independently may attract a significant number of supporters who are dissatisfied with the NPP’s current direction.

It remains to be seen how Kyerematen’s announcement will affect the NPP’s internal dynamics and the broader political landscape in Ghana.

As the 2024 Presidential Elections draw nearer, all eyes will be on the former NPP presidential aspirant as he embarks on his independent campaign, seeking to make his mark on the country’s political future.

By Vincent Kubi