An Overused Kettle Calling A Fairly Used Pot Black!

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” Those are not my words. They are the words of an American essayist, poet and popular philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson. He lived in the 19th century but his words are as true and relevant then as they are today in the 21st century.

As I observe the actions and sayings of some political actors in the country, I cannot help but wonder if Ralph Waldo Emerson had those characters in mind when he authored the extract above. Without a doubt, he deserves the title ‘prophet’ more than many modern day prophets.

There is this Hon. ‘Baby With Sharp Teeth’ who has inundated our ears with all manner of Kwaku Ananse stories about President Nana Dee’s travels. He desperately seeks to cause the president a lot of disaffection by painting him as a man who wallows in luxury and utter comfort as his compatriots suffer. His stock in trade is photoshopping luxurious jets and manufacturing figures to hoodwink the unsuspecting public into believing his cock and bull stories.

When put to strict proof, he shamelessly demands the publication of records of Nana Dee’s presidential travels. They did the same thing at the Supreme Court. After President Ogwanfunu accused the EC Boss of stealing his victory, he was asked to produce evidence; only to tell us that the evidence is with the one he is accusing. These are the characters we have been dealing with.

It’s obviously a propagandist request considering the fact that this Hon. ‘Baby With Sharp Teeth’ never opened his foul mouth to demand such records when President Ogwanfunu and the eagle-headed Umbrella were on the presidential throne.

Come to think of it, was it not this same sharp-teeth bloke who chattered two jets to Wa for his grandiose wedding? Was he not the same chap whose 20,000 cowries were stolen from his car boot at a car washing bay? Was he not the one who was said to be shuttling between Ghana and the UK every weekend for lectures?

We’ve heard his propagandist cries but we will not be fooled because his actions speak louder. We saw how he changed from a bloke sleeping in his mother’s car garage to a minister of state. We know he cannot afford the Airport Hills residence he owns because he had never been in any gainful employment until he became a minister of state. So he should tell his holier-than-thou tale to the marines. Indeed, we are ready for morality lessons; but certainly not from a shameless harlot.

I don’t weep that easily. The last time I shed tears was about 4-years ago when I lost my beloved grandmother. But my eyes were filled with tears when I watched a video yesterday of Hon. Chooboi calling President Nana Dee and his appointees ‘thieves’. I wondered how an overused kettle could have the impudence to call a fairly used pot black.

I then took a trip down memory lane. The feelings I had watching the Dzamefe Commission proceedings the day Hon. Chooboi wept came rushing back. I remember not having anyone to console or tell me not to be emotional. I did not only feel anger within me, but also felt a gathering storm filled with thunder. I just could not believe my ears were hearing right. The cowries wasted in Brazil by Hon. Chooboi and his ilk were simply unbelievable!

If you would recall, a whopping 1.9 billion old cowries were splashed on the presidential ball organised for the players before they went to Brazil. I still cannot fathom how such huge cowries could be spent on a small get-together. Did they slaughter 10 cows? And even if they did, which was highly unlikely considering the small number of people who attended the ball, even 900 million cowries would have been pure thievery, let alone the whopping expenditure.

Abusuapanin, do you also remember the $20 per coconut rip-off by the same Hon. Chooboi and his ilk? Not forgetting the $10 per ball of kenkey, which they used in lining their pockets.

It therefore saddens my heart to see such an unrepentant thief brazenly pointing accusing fingers at others. It is obvious he does not have the word ‘shame’ in his lexicon. If I were him, I would leave the political stage and silently lick my wounds.

Frankly, I wouldn’t blame Hon. Chooboi and his kind too much for having the effrontery to accuse others of a crime we all know they are masters of. I blame it all on the impotence of the first AG led team in Nana Dee’s first term, which allowed so much water to pass under the bridge. Revisiting such wanton thievery for prosecution by the second AG led team, after such a long period, may look like persecution to many of our compatriots. That is my worry!

Be that as it may, we will not be hoodwinked into buying a teeth-whitening substance from persons with decayed teeth.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!