Benjamin Nargeh Eyes NPP Shai-Osudoku Slot

Benjamin Nargeh


In the upcoming ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) NPP parliamentary primaries, Benjamin Nargeh has filed his nomination to represent the Shai-Osudoku Constituency.

Nargeh, who previously served as the NPP Parliamentary Candidate in the 2020 Elections, aims to rescue the people of Shai-Osudoku from what he refers to as the “shackles” of the NDC.

Shai-Osudoku has historically been a stronghold for the NDC, but Benjamin Nargeh believes he has what it takes to challenge and overcome their dominance.

He is one of four candidates vying for the NPP ticket in this constituency.

The Party’s Executive in the Shai-Osudoku Constituency has urged all aspirants to maintain clean campaign without resorting to insults or personal attacks.

This call for a clean campaign reflects the importance of maintaining a respectful and issue-focused electoral process.

In the 2020 General Elections, Benjamin Nargeh was able to significantly narrow the gap between the NDC and the NPP, showcasing his appeal and ability to garner support.

Building on this success, Nargeh now calls on the people of Shai-Osudoku to give him the opportunity to change the narrative that has persisted over the past 31 years of parliamentary rule in the constituency.

He emphasizes the need for the constituents to support him in continuing the work he has been doing in the constituency. Nargeh’s filing has sparked conversations among delegates and supporters who are calling for a change in the voting pattern.
They believe that the challenges they face require a fresh approach and new leadership.

Supporters highlight the absence of basic amenities such as good roads, access to clean water, and adequate healthcare facilities.

They also stress the need for job creation and economic empowerment. In their view, Benjamin Nargeh’s track record and commitment to community development make him the ideal candidate to address these issues and bring about positive change.

Shai-Osudoku’s upcoming primary elections are eagerly anticipated as they will determine the NPP’s candidate for the constituency in the 2024 general elections. With Benjamin Nargeh’s declared mission to rescue the people and his dedication to their well-being, there is hope for a brighter future in Shai-Osudoku.

By Vincent Kubi