Castro, Janet Bandu To Be Legally ‘Declared Dead’ In July

Castro and Janet Bandu 

Hip Life act, Castro, and his female friend Janet Bandu, will early July 2021 be legally ‘declared dead’ seven years after they disappeared on a Jet Ski on the Ada River.
Castro, born Theophilus Tagoe, together with Janet Bandu, disappeared near the estuary at Ada while jet skiing on the Volta River.

Their disappearance raised a lot of questions about whether they were dead or alive, after all attempts to find their bodies proved futile.

NEWSONE investigations revealed that when someone drowns in any water body, the dead body should be washed back to the banks after three days. But in the Castro and Janet incident, no bodies were found till date.

Some persons have alleged that they had seen Castro in Togo. Others say he has been hiding in Takoradi,while some believe he is dead.

By law in Ghana, an individual can be declared dead by a court after seven years of disappearance.
The Evidence Act of 1975, Section 33, states that a person can only be declared legally dead after seven years by a court, where the person in question has not been seen or heard from in seven years despite diligent and persistent efforts to find him.

After July 6, 2021, Castro and Janet will be considered as departed souls. They are no longer part of the living by laws of Ghana.