Chale Wote CEO ‘Wins’ Defamation Case Against Wanlov

Wanlov, Dr. Sionne Rameah Neely, Mantse

In 2019, Wanlov accused Mantse of being a sexual predator. The ‘Coz Ov Moni’ rapper was once friends with Mantse, and his comments came after Mantse’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Sionne Rameah Neely, issued a long statement to call out Mantse.

Dr. Sionne Rameah Neely, who co-founded the popular Chale Wote Street Arts Festival in Accra with Mantse, alleged that he physically assaulted and abused her during their relationship.

“Specifically on the night of December 29, 2017, for more than three hours, I was held hostage in our shared flat, physically and emotionally tortured and coerced into audio-recording false statements while my life was being threatened with two weapons,” Dr Sionne Rameah wrote.

According to her, Mantse had accused her of having affairs with multiple men, which she vehemently denied. “After assaulting me, he forced me to record false statements about these innocent persons, persistently stopping in between recordings to threaten to kill me if I did not speak,” she wrote.

She detailed that “at a later time, these multiple recordings were edited into two files that removed any other threatening expressions by Mantse; he then shared these files with a number of persons in Ghana as well as various members of my family and close friends in the U.S. This was in an effort to discredit me and the abuse he enacted upon me.”

Amidst these allegations in 2019, Wanlov came out to defend Dr. Sionne and amplified the allegations that Mantse is a sex predator and abuser.

Mantse was displeased by Wanlov’s gestures of constantly dragging him online with the allegations, which he says are false.

“WANLOV you are a liar, including the people and interests behind this orchestrated campaign of falsehood and malicious lies about me. There will be JUSTICE. @Wanlov know that from this moment onwards there is no turning back. We will be relentless,” Mantse tweeted whilst sharing a writ document of his suit against Wanlov.

In a new update, renowned Ghanaian lawyer, Kofi Bentil Esq, took to Facebook on Tuesday to announce that Mantse has won his case against the ‘Your Toto’ rapper.

“Congratulations Mantse Aryeequaye of Chale Wote Festival. On winning your defamation case against Wanluv Kubolor. Those who seek to destroy others must not have a place in our society,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

Details of the verdict are yet to be known. Wanlov, however, remains defiant over his accusation against Mantse.

He also tweeted that “this is going to be my pinned tweet till Mantse (Chale Wote Festival, Redd Kat Pictures, Afuabe, AccraDotAlt, Sabolai RadioFest) apologises to Dr. Sionne Neely & all the members of our community he has abused #chalewote #chalewotefestival.”