Chieftaincy Tension Mounts At Wenchi

Tensions between two royal gates of the Wenchi Stool in the Bono Region, Sofoase royal family and Ahenfie Yefri royal family, have increased sharply following speculations that the former intends to install a rival chief.

According to the Ahenfie Yefri royal family, they have picked up signals that members of the Sofoase royal family, who are allegedly from the genealogy of the Busia family, are in the process of installing a rival paramount chief for Wenchi.

Addressing a press conference at Wenchi yesterday, spokesman for Ahenfie Yefri royal family, Nana Kwasi Adjepong said members of his family are the true descendants of the stool, coming from the stock of the late queen mother, Nana Atoa Sramamangyedua III.

He asserted that members of the Ahenfie Yefri royal family were ready to defend their heirs to the throne with their last blood.

Nana Adjepong accused some people in government for trying to engineer and setting confusion at the traditional area.

He appealed to President Akufo-Addo to call the individuals to order.

Nana Adjepong indicated that the Sofoase royal family could not lay claim to the Wenchi stool since they are not part of the lineage.

He said Wenchi, for the past 70 years, has suffered from numerous chieftaincy disputes, noting that this has affected the development of the municipality.

According to him, some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), per their political tradition (Danquah-Dombo-Busia), have always been wanting to help the Busia family to snatch the stool from the Ahenfie Yefri royal family.

“We are not blaming the whole government machinery of which President Nana Addo is the leader for the current machination, but some elements of his government.

“We plead with him and urge him to come out and distance himself because of this machination,” he intimated.

“Because of the background as a scholar, some elements of the Danquah-Dombo-Busia tradition want to support the family to lay claim to the Wenchi Stool. And they do this when they are in government. This time we will fight them,” he asserted.

Nana Adjepong maintained that the current Paramount Chief of Wenchi, Nana Anyeamoampong Tabrako III, was properly enstooled according to customs and traditions of the people of Wenchi.

He, however, admitted that there is an injunction challenging his legitimacy to the throne, but expressed worry that judgment for the appeal filed before the National House of Chiefs had been postponed sine die.

According to Nana Adjepong, the National House of Chiefs in the 70s gave a verdict against the Sofoase family when they claimed it was their turn to ascend the Wenchi Stool.

FROM Daniel Y Dayee, Wenchi