Joseph Boahene Aidoo

THE GHANA Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has announced it has noted with concern that some LBCs are engaged in unethical practices in the internal marketing of cocoa.

According to the board, in a recent release, signed by Dr. Emmanuel Opoku, deputy chief executive in charge of operations, such practices which involved the payment of spot premiums and other forms of inducements were offensive to the regulations and guidelines for the internal marketing of cocoa.

“We wish to reiterate our directive of 24th January, 2019, that payment of any form of inducements to cocoa farmers at the point of sale is unethical and must stop forthwith. LBC’s must refrain from any form of advertisement soliciting for cocoa from producers for premium payments on the spot or at a later date.

“Premium payments can be made after the closing of the season to only cocoa farmers who registered and participated in certification/sustainability projects before the start of the cocoa season.

“No LBC shall purchase conventional cocoa and declare same as special unless with a written prior approval by COCOBOD and restricted to a specific location.”

It mentioned that it had begun consultations to reform the regulation for the production and marketing of certified/sustainable cocoa, adding that the final decision on the operation of certified/traceable cocoa projects shall be communicated to all stakeholders in due course.

“All LBCs are reminded that COCOBOD management shall evoke the applicable sanctions on violations of the above directive.”

A business desk report