Colours Green And Gold

They have produced at least two National Science and Maths Quiz hosts. Yet they haven’t won once. So what? When they start winning, I know there will be other kinds of noises. But hey, take note. Just look at the colours in which they dispatched the four-time champions, same colours, gold and green. You should also know they are both of the Wesleyan family. So all those making all kinds of noises, trying to make fun of Amanfoɔ must know it was a convivial contest with a gold and green defeating other colours. Gold and green is gold and green so when one gold and green wins, both win.

Volta hall (University of Ghana) ladies say: ‘Akokɔbereɛ nso nim adekyeɛ.’ It was completely wrong to have assumed that because no girls school had won it none would be able to. Gey Hey were sitting their somewhere minding their serious business. All this noise of girl schools can’t do it. Now you see what you have caused! My invincible Amanfoɔ, like the proverbial Titanic, has been overcome. Senior has been overwhelmed. People should have kept quiet for us to enjoy our glory.

Last year, Gey Hey took the coveted first two outstanding West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) best performance in science. The third was captured by Yaa Asantewaa (Mmaa Akɔkɔdurofoɔ). I don’t have the full facts to tell how many boys managed the first ten. So why would anybody think winning an ordinary maths and science quiz was beyond girls’ schools? Indeed, all the NSMQ boy wonder whiz kids were nowhere close to the real girl wonders in the WASSCE ranking.

The school and other girls’ schools have produced every highest meritorious public office holder that matters in the motherland. They are everywhere that you find prominent women ‘commatriots;’ in the civil and public services. So people should stop the noises that make one feel girls are incapable. They are just smart to choose the most important over the most fancy. They are pragmatists.

People of plenty talk, who are usually of little or no action, went and ruffled some hens’ feathers; and now the result is silencing the chest beating and hand pumping lads. To repeat, akokɔbereɛ nso nim adekyeɛ. So let all know that because a girl is not doing something does not mean she can’t do it. Capacity is for girls to have naturally. What may be lacking in her not doing something would more likely be manmade means, designed to restrict, prevent, or limit her from doing it. Otherwise throw the challenge and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you they would humiliate you with unexpected triumph. 

Please anytime any talkative wants to make an unflattering remark or comment about our female counters, consult me first and I will make sure you shut up before your male weaker sex but phony claimed sex superiority brand is exposed and humiliated. Anyway, senior take heart. Like Henry, we shall return, we will be back in greater glory, very, very soon. Amanfoɔ or Gey Hey, the colours are the same. No one should have toyed with our glory by talking that which was needless to talk…

Proverbial akokɔ baatan knows so much; just try ruffling its feathers. She goes modestly by hen or layer while the male (akokɔnini) has piled on cock, cockerel (CPP symbol) and rooster. She only knows the meals of her chicks and where it will come from. She knows it all depends on the dint of her hard work to find it. Thus, distraction is not her favourite. Purposefulness, yes, that’s her overriding concern.

Indeed, next time anyone wants to carelessly talk “no girls’ school has ever whatever,” they should pause and ask the one school in the motherland that has won the world robotics championship. It is an all-girl school perched on the highest peak of the Akwapim. It is also of the Wesley family. Girls schools will choose to win what they choose to win. If that bothers you go win your own win if you think you can win and leave them alone to win what they choose to win. They have some gold in their colours too!

If you thought at the beginning colours green-gold was about high school issues, sorry. Sorry to disappoint debaters it’s not double tracking school talk. At least now you know there are other things about schooling and clolours green and gold than tracking. The two colours combine with our own black to form a famous crest. Someone described the combination as ‘Obibini sikani a ɔte ne kwaeɛ mu (Rich black person living in the forest), not looking for trouble like those who went for trouble shouting “no girls’ school has ever won the NSMQ.” Let them watch what they say. Ultimate winner was colour green.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh