Consume Local Vegetables – Dr. Tortoe

Professor Charles Tortoe


The Director for Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-Food Research Institute (FRI) Professor Charles Tortoe has called on Ghanaians to consume a nutritious diet that includes a variety of local roots and tubers, cereals and legumes, and vegetables.

Prioritizing nutrition and consuming more local vegetables is a key investment in eradicating malnutrition in the country which helps people to take control of chronic diseases.

According to Dr. Tortoe, government and development agencies, and civil society organizations have started to invest in nutrition in the fight against malnutrition and other related diseases hence the need for Ghanaians to include vegetables in their daily meals.

He says more must be done to ensure people have enough to eat and access to the right foods.

Dr. Tortoe made this statement at the two-day workshop for stakeholders at the Healthy Food Africa Project; Development of Nutrition Education Strategy and Material in Accra.

He further indicated that the Healthy Food Africa Project which is an international research and innovation project funded by the European Union (EU) will work with relevant stakeholders, to improve nutrition not only in Ghana but Africa as a continent by strengthening the diversity, sustainability, resilience, and connectivity of the food system.

The project is to make the food system across African macro-regions more sustainable, equitable, and resilient by reconnecting food production and consumption in effective ways.


The project works with Food System Labs (FSLs) in 10 African countries and six cities; Benin. Cotonou, Ethiopia Bahir Dar, Kenya, Kisumu, and Nairobi, Uganda, Rwamwanja and Fort Portal, Zambia, Chongwe and Lusaka and Ghana, Accra and Tamale.

This is to identify specific needs and challenges of the lab and also focus on linking food production in the lab with food consumption patterns and nutrition.

Ms. Consolata Musita, a research fellow at the Healthy Food Africa (HFA) project in her presentation stated that the initiative in the lab will address the major components of food transformations both on the demand and supply sides.

The pilot project will aim to link Local producers and consumers, diversify the product selection and bolster the local supply chain to create a more sustainable production system and promote healthier and equitable diets.

“Integrating nutrition education and awareness into these interventions across the lab will ensure improved nutrition and healthy dietary patterns and play a critical role in transforming the food systems towards healthier food consumption,” she said.

In attendance were representatives from the Ministry of Health/Nutrition Department, Agriculture, Women in Agriculture, Fisheries Commission, the Ghana Standards Authority, and other relevant stakeholders.

BY Prince Fiifi Yorke