COSUA Commends Faki

Sarfo Abebrese

The Coalition of Supporters’ Unions of Africa (COSUA), a civil society partner to the African Union, which seeks to build African unity for peace and development across the continent, has commended the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Faki Moussa Mahamat, for condemning in the strongest terms, the recent terrorist attacks in Palma town in the Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique.

In a press statement signed by Advocate Sarfo Abebrese, COSUA expressed its appreciation to the Chairperson for stepping out boldly to confront the issue, which borders on Africa’s sovereignty, security, peace and development.

The organisation, which gained global notoriety during the recent AU Commission elections by mounting a relentless campaign against Mahamat’s unopposed run to the Chairmanship, garnering a record 28 million-man opposition to the Chairperson in an online poll, said it was relieved to note that  Faki Mahamat was addressing one of their biggest complaints against his administration in the past.

“We hope that this marks the beginning of a new culture of African leadership that will stand up for the entire 55 member-states of Africa, unlike, in the past when a foreign President could ‘donate’ one country of Africa to another, with our Commission Chairman failing to utter a word,” Abebrese stated.

The COSUA President, who is incidentally an Attorney of the United States Supreme Court, pledged, in conclusion, COSUA’s continued commitment to all the tenets of Pan-Africanism, and hoped for a mending of its relationship with the office of the  AUC Chairperson to the benefit of the continent and its one billion-plus citizens as a whole.

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