Cry Baby Congress

Ampɛbrɛ congresspeople are griping. They are sulking all over the channels established by their members using the motherland’s broadcast frequencies, the national treasure they have shared among themselves. In the contents of their broadcasts, they are rubbishing the laws they themselves made. And it’s all because, at least for now, they see shrunk opportunity for grabbing power over the distribution of the motherland’s common wealth that is meant for us all.

As I keep saying, they never dreamt they would be dislodged from the power over expending our national resources. Now that they are threatened with extinction, never having that power again, by ɔsonomma in their ‘break the eight’ pursuit, it is congresspeople in desperation everywhere.

Our first book, the fountain book for our rule of law governance directs the media, which are not to be rented or bought, to be critical of government. However, it says nowhere in it that the media criticizes to distort, slow down or retard progress. Criticism of government is expected to lead to building and repairing the motherland’s resources. That broadcasting proviso notwithstanding, surfing the pro-congress channels, it’s like the contents are almost in total disregard of the directive to positively contributing to nation building.

Among the things congress press were twisting, one was on reforms submitted to the EC. Another was doing everything to make Saglemi look bad for Nana Akufo-Addo. Yet another was talking one million signatures to stop the constitution, which is, made by and for congress because it no longer serves their selfish purpose.

Another content was chewing up on the falsehood of WAEC paper leakage. The last was preceded by a whole former V-C falsely peddling exam cheating. It’s all about the congresspeople’s mission of destroy what is for all, if it would benefit your selfish interest.

Congresspeople want EC reformed on their terms, because the cadres they installed there are no longer in control to thieve elections for them. It’s like what has happened to all their other constitutional bodies: NCCE, CHRAJ and so on. The exception is the NMC, which, thanks to Professor Kofi Kumado and other members of the first commission, cogresspeople have never been able to fully control. In 2010, they wanted 100 changes to the 1992 Constitution they made. Now, their hatchet fixer team wants the entire document trashed and replaced.

Trust me, should they by any mistake, fair or foul, emerge in charge of the motherland’s affairs in 2025, writing a new constitution on their terms would be their number one priority. Should they by some mistake win in 2024 or any other election, a new constitution would be their preoccupation. It has never occurred to them that a constitution is as good as who works with it. That is how with that ‘bad’ constitution, President Kufuor managed to create what is now unarguably, the eight golden years of the Fourth Republic.

If all the things they see as wrong, are, indeed, that bad, ask yourself, my compatriot, why they tied it all in a yoke around our necks for this long. What it is they have seen in those laws they made for them to be asking for the laws to be changed cannot be in our collective interest. It is in their interest as congresspeople. So, please, my compatriots, ignore them.

With all the shortcomings in the 1992 Constitution, President Kufuor in sincerity and competence managed to successfully operate it to bring relief to my compatriots. Many workers, especially of the UTAG stock, will admit things were far better in his time than since after him. He also complained about the imperfections, its shortcomings, but still managed to achieve so much with it.

It’s real wonder among the congresspeople ‘fix-iters’ none is highlighting the evils of the asset declaration provision of the first book of the motherland. It is one provision which has, so far, facilitated they (congresspeopple’s) looting practices, and by that denied the youth the investment that could have gone into their education and job creation.

Small business is suffering from unhelpful ampɛbrɛ attitudes devoid of work ethic which congress has persistently promoted. Those with money to invest to create jobs would rather buy treasury bills than establish businesses to create jobs. By pushing the ampɛbrɛ into undeserved square peg positions where they have been using their pay to school instead of working hard to earn it,  the practice of politics of quick money, keeps pushing young people in sikaduro killing all over to become rich overnight. Joblessness would get fixed better and faster with free SHS along with attracting assembly plants and building factories.

If you are a congressman, you are not allowed to be daft enough to go to court with evidence. However, you are allowed to be daft enough to go to court without evidence to prove whoever is being accused wrong, but rather to ask that the one you are accusing to be forced to produce evidence to prove their innocence.

Ask Ɔhene Kwaata, the usurper, and he will tell you ‘Mmerɛ yɛ nni nnka so’ (power is tenuous, never permanent). So all the congress scheming to set up and permanently institutionalise motherland money chop in a constitution, had to end somewhere, sometime, someday; because, in the life of a motherland, that is always bound to happen.

Congress people make false claim to Nkrumah heritage because they never heard, nor have read, his condemnation of rumour in the Dawn Broadcast (‘They say, they say; Wɔ se wɔ se, Akɛɛ akɛɛ’). Otherwise, rumour mongering would not be congress’ modus operandi in its quest for power. As a matter of fact, congress eats, breathes, chews and operates on the basis of peddling lies and falsehood.

This motherland was born to win. There are other peoples beyond her borders, and, perhaps whole nations, who wish her to be peaceful and by their standards prosperous. Perhaps, most likely they want her to make available what would sustain their (foreigners’) continued exploitation of her resources.

Now that we are all wising up (‘Kwasea ani te a na agorɔ agu,’ is my colleague Galaman’s mobile phone call tune) having discerned the ugly selfish motive behind congresspeople’s manipulation of the system for personal benefit, the die seems cast for congress’ extinction. It’s hard to see how their pathologically and persistently lying will stop that fate for cry baby congress.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh