GHAMRO To Track Usage Of Songs In Ghana

Abraham Adjartey, GHAMRO CEO

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) says it has entered into an agreement with some international organisations to provide digital monitoring systems to help in tracking how songs by Ghanaian musicians are used on radio, television, and digital platforms.

The collective society has also signed a deal with a digital royalty collection organisation, Capasso, to collect the digital royalties for artistes and right owners as part of it efforts to go digital and see creators earn their due from their works.

GHAMRO explained that the deal would ensure that the digital rights licensing company provides monitoring systems to help track songs of Ghanaian right owners on digital platforms.

The Chief Executive Officer of GHAMRO, Abraham Adjatey, said GHAMRO had signed an agreement with Global Music Monitoring to monitor music throughout the country for the society.

According to him, his outfit is working with Indie Consortium to develop a collection system for the organisation. He also mentioned that Global Music Monitoring has for the past five months been doing an auto-pilot of broadcast monitoring of Ghanaian music.

He indicated that after monitoring 300 stations in Ghana over the period, GHAMRO is convinced and ready to work with the company, adding, “This means that the organisation will now be able to get a more scientific means of calculating musician’s royalties.”

The CEO, however, revealed that GHAMRO has contracted Capasso, a copyright society in South Africa to monitor online digital platforms for Ghanaian songs and have been able to collect $49,000 for GHAMRO right owners.

Abraham Adjatey urged Ghanaian musicians to sign split sheets of contributors to their works to enable GHAMRO to provide metadata on who should receive payment of royalties on a particular musical work.

He added that his outfit would soon provide copies of the split sheets to various recording studios for lyricists, composers, arrangers, publishers to sign their right with GHAMRO to enjoy the benefits that come with it.