Efya, Blakk Rasta Fight Over Sarkodie

Blakk Rasta, Efya


Musicians Efya and Blakk Rasta have been trending since Thursday after they threw jabs at each other over a disagreement between them.
In an interview with GHONE TV, Efya stated that she didn’t know who Blakk Rasta was. After the presenter interviewing her tried helping her by singing Blakk’s song for Barack Obama, Efya went on to describe his music as the one who does “funny music.”
“Who is that? He’s a rapper; he’s a what?…he’s a radio journalist?… But journalists say what they want they don’t care. I don’t think I know who he is. What does he do, radio?… Oh that funny man, yeah yeah yeah. He does funny songs, right? Listen, everyone for himself, God for us all,” these were the words of Efya.
Efya’s comment was in reaction to Blakk’s earlier ‘harsh’ comment about Sarkodie’s feature with Bob Marley.
Blakk was however not pleased with Efya for her statement.
Reacting on his radio show on 3FM, he said he has no issues if Efya didn’t know him.
However, he has issues with the claim that he does funny music.
“Listen Blakk Rasta is a man you can describe using anything but to describe my music as funny, I think that she got it all wrong…again when I looked at her face, I saw some genuineness. I don’t think she intended to embarrass Blakk Rasta, she is just not aware of her environment,” he jabbed.
The reggae musician and presenter known for his song titled ‘Barack Obama’, alleges that the female vocalist has abused drugs all her life and can’t be blamed when she talks like that on TV.
“I am not that kind of artiste who is haughty…When I looked at the video, I sympathized with Efya. She looked so morose and totally hypnotized like somebody swallowed up by drugs.”
“She said that Blakk Rasta is the guy who does funny songs. Surprisingly a number of people were sending me this video, talking about it. Some were angry, but hear me now, listen; I am not angry when people do not recognize me, never. That is why people say Blakk Rasta is so humble and I believe that I am humble. I thank God the Almighty Father for making me humble,” he added.