Ethical Behaviour Needed For Survival – Provost

Rev. Dr. Samuel Adeyemi

The Provost of Ashesi University, Prof. Angela Owusu-Ansah, has said ethical behavior is needed in any organisation to enable the country to accelerate development and the protection of businesses and corporate organisations.

Delivering a presentation on “Guide to Ethical Leadership” at the just-ended 2022 Jospong Leadership Conference (JLC) on the topic “Sustaining Business Gains Through Operational Excellence”, Prof. Owusu-Ansah urged the participants to be ethical in their dealings and not succumb to acts that corrupt their actions.

The 2022 JGC conference opened on Monday, January 17, 2022, at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, and this year’s conference, the ninth of such annual meeting, was held both in-person and virtual at 58 centres with over 2,000 participants across the country for management staff of the company.

Prof. Owusu-Ansah said any organisation that does not ensure its staff observe ethical values is not able to sustain its activities for long.

A motivational speaker and Senior Pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre, Reverend Dr. Samuel Adeyemi, who spoke on the topic “Overcoming the Snare of Complacency” said every organisation, especially the successful ones, should learn to tackle complacency in order not to be consumed by events.

According to him, a lot of factors tend to breed complacency which results in failure, adding that under such circumstances “only the paranoid survives”.

“Complacency is the last hurdle standing between any team and its potential greatness, be it personal, organisational, national or cultural,” he emphasised.

The Nigerian-based International Conference Speaker on Leadership, said in complacent cultures, leaders and teams believe there is no room for improvement, adding that “in worse cases, leaders think their business is already the best.”

He said complacency puts people and organisations on ‘autopilot’ and become ‘immune to innovation’ with time, insisting that “it blurs our vision so we fail to recognise new opportunities.”

“It reduces efforts, leading to shortcuts and increasing risks of accidents, causing massive failure and destroy progress,” he warned.

Dr. Adeyemi advised the workers against going to spaces where they will be comfortable saying “until the world is perfect and all organisational, national and world problems are solved, the JGC has to continue working.”