Face Mask Use Enforced At Burma Camp

The use of face mask is being enforced at Burma Camp, a poster to which effect has been issued.

The poster contains portraits of representatives of the three arms of the military, Army, Air Force and Navy alongside civilian employees all of which are face-masked.

The bold “No Face Mask No Entry into Burma Camp” on the poster says it all about the enforcement of the face mask protocol.

Face masks by this arrangement constitute an aspect of the military fatigue.

There is no doubt that both military personnel and their civilian employee counterparts including visitors would be denied access to the abode of the General Headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces, the Air Force alongside other units within the large space constituting Burma Camp.

Military policemen and women on duty at the gate of Burma Camp would, henceforth, insist visitors to the location are face-masked as would unit RSMs of their men and women.

Earlier the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council had made the use of face masks within the region compulsory.

Commercial vehicle drivers have also been entreated to ensure that passengers boarding their cars and buses are masked appropriately.

The various assemblies have been tasked to ensure that persons within their jurisdictions abide by the protocol.

Commuters, who passed through Kaneshie yesterday, spoke about the police asking passengers who were not wearing face masks to buy and use them.

Unless the directive is enforced it is doubtful that all persons would use face masks in Accra although its use is gradually picking up.

By A.R. Gomda