FDA Joins Punctuality Campaign

Mrs Delese Darko and Mr Emmanuel Amarquaye with the pledge

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has joined the ongoing public education on punctuality with an endorsement of the activities of the Punctuality Ghana Foundation
The endorsement which was witnessed in a short ceremony at the offices of the FDA is in line with national efforts to address poor attitude towards time management and work that greatly slows down the country’s development.

Chief Executive Officer of the FDA, Delese Darko, commended the Punctuality Foundation for their initiative of raising awareness on the importance of punctuality in State institutions.

She averred that the culture of lateness which has become ingrained in the society is one of the major obstacles that continue to stifle the development of the country. 

“Lack of punctuality arises from lack of planning and focus. The ill-prepared mind does not value time and such a person is bound to fail because punctuality they say is the soul of business,” she added.

The FDA CEO thus pledged to lead her organization in improving on their punctuality all the time by signing the Punctuality Pledge.

“With this understanding, I pledge to be punctual any day, anytime, and anywhere; to go to work on time and to avoid loitering at work, to avoid closing from work earlier than stipulated time, to honor right engagements on time; to attend meetings, honor invitations, appointments and any other social event on time, to begin and to end all programs on time and to remember all the time that lateness is productivity loss,” excerpts of the pledge read.
Emmanuel Amarquaye, Founder of Punctuality Ghana Foundation, said punctuality linked with productivity has the potential of boosting government revenue which is very critical to development.

“Our collective attitude and seriousness to time and productivity demonstrates our commitment to the development of this country.

We cannot also expect to develop without recourse to law and order. We all have a responsibility to our development efforts by being time-conscious and hard-working” he said.    

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri & Rhodaline Naa Adjeley King