FDA Sounds Fake Covid-19 Vaccines Alarm

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has issued an alert over the seizure of fake Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa.
The alert is to inform the public about the approved Covid-19 vaccines for use in the country which according to the Authority are SPUTNIK V and COVISHIELD vaccines.
In a statement signed by Chief Executive Officer, Delese A. A. Darko, the FDA indicated that
the importation and deployment of these two vaccines in the country are under the control of only the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service, respectively.
“The FDA wishes to caution the general public that online advertising, offering for sale and supply of medicinal products including the Covid-19 vaccines are strictly prohibited. Therefore, the public should not purchase any Covid-19 vaccines online,” she said.
The FDA again cautioned the public and courier services including shippers and freight forwarders against any unauthorised imports of vaccines as it will be in contravention of Sec 118 of the Public Health Act and the FDA’s Guidelines for Emergency Use Authorisation of Medical Products (FDA/GEN/GL-EUA/2021/04).
“Covid-19 Vaccines are to be expressly imported only by and through the Ministry of Health,” it emphasised.
The Authority assured the public that with the collaboration of the security agencies, it will continue its monitoring and remains committed to protecting public health and safety as mandated by the Public Health Act, 2012, Act 851.


Jamila Akweley Okertchiri